Fine Gael took to social media today to suggest that Ireland should start celebrating Thanksgiving, and that the last Monday in November should be made into a bank holiday.

The announcement reveals that the party, clearly fed up with being labeled West-Brits, have opted to fully embrace being East-Yanks instead.

The new national holiday, according to the party, would be dedicated to those who worked on the frontlines, as well as those who died, during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

In a statement published on Fine Gael’s website,  Ciaran Cannon TD stated that:

“A Thanksgiving bank holiday here in Ireland would represent a powerful gesture of thanks to all those frontline workers who made major sacrifices during the pandemic. It would also be a fitting way to commemorate all of the loved ones we lost.”

“Creating a new Thanksgiving public holiday and celebrating it on the last Monday in November (Nov 29th) would also serve to strengthen the links that exist between Ireland and the United States, particularly those thirty five million US citizens who identify as Irish.”

It is rare that any writer for this publication has ever found themselves speechless upon reading a party press release. As Ireland faces into a cold winter of chronic power shortages brought about as a result of climate mania, the level of insanity in Irish politics is so high that it takes a lot to get one of us to so much as blink at any political announcement.

And yet, Fine Gael has managed to render this writer speechless.

There are two parts of what makes this suggestion utterly deranged; the first is that an Irish political party would suggest aping the culture of a foreign power to such a degree is a good idea. The second is that such an utterly loopy suggestion would be popular with the Irish public. 

Someone in Fine Gael not only brainstormed this potential policy, but genuinely thought it to be such a good idea that it warranted the party plastering it all over social media. What’s more, not one person in the party thought it wise to stop them.

Others both online and in the media have suggested alternative dates for this ‘celebration’ of branch covidianism to be held on. 

Particularly popular at the moment is to make February 1st, St. Brigid’s Day, a national holiday. The fact that many of these pundits make reference to St. Brigid’s apparent performance of a miraculous abortion is no doubt a major reason for its popularity.

If the November 29th date for this year does come out on top however, may I suggest that we name it East-Yankmas, in honour of our omni-incompetent ruling elite?

Posted by Daithí O'Duibhne


  1. Don’t those Fine Gael yokels realize that the Thanksgiving Holiday on this side of the pond is currently a memorial to Native American oppression?


  2. Yeah, people died during the scamdemict, lots of old people in nursing homes deprived from physical contact with their family. Lots of suicides from people during lockdowns. Lots of deaths from people who required treatment during lockdowns and were stuck on endless waiting lists.

    National debt continously breaking all records due to moronic politicans elected by a clueless electorate. Shur take in all the world, a 1000 there, a 500 there, 2000 the week after, while irish citizens fall dead from homelessness and the cold wet streets every winter. Shur, it will be grand says the common gombeen.

    Shur irish settled elsewhere too. LMAO. Yeah, to countries that would make ireland look like a dwarf. Globalist irish politicans would have you believe that ireland is the biggest country in the world, and it wants to bring in thousands upon thousands of non-citizens and house them, when they can not even house their own citizens.

    They also think they are harming the planet with cow farts. LMAO. MADNESS! The cost of living to pay for all those “virtue signalling crusades” is gone through the roof. Constant TAX, food, energy costs, asylum seeker accomodation centre costs, everything taxed to the high heavens to facilitate globalism, scamdemics and climate cult nonsense!

    Asking the public to pay a large tv license fee on threat of fines and jail, so overpaid individuals with the state broadcaster can spread the globalist narratives. Spreading climate cult narratives that make no sense whatsoever, and ignoring grassroots political opposition completely.

    Saving the planet? BY limiting cow farts LMAO. You can’t make it up.

    Time now for more people to speak out about how silly ireland is becoming.

    We all remember the empty hospitals with nurses doing tik shit dances. People still stuck on waiting lists for severe health issues while empty hospitals had social media discos.

    Since PCR Testing is an utter scam, whose inventor Kary Mullis said the test can not test for diseases, then it is obvious that traditional yearly deaths from all sorts of things, were redesignated as covid-cult deaths by psuedoscience HORSESHIT tests! The death statistics are the exact same from 2020 as other years, no significant change whatsoever, it is even lower than some years. Fact checkers on the lamestream are not a source of knowledge. If anything increased the death rates it would be the lockdowns, and old people deprived of contact.

    (Aldous Huxley QUOTE – There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution)

    Yeah, thats not suspicious at all. All that “certificate of vaxxination ID AI covid 19 horseshit was predicted decades before! Clot shot freedom passes are normal? Sheep pen concerts are normal? No that is not normal. It is tyranny.

    People who rely on the lamestream have LOW IQ. Lamestream are nothing but parrots for the globalist WHO, UN, EU narratives. They promote communism. So called conspiracy theorists were on to it right from the start, it was never about flattening a curve, it was about control of populations to make them more malleable for acceptance of 2030-2050 agenda sustainable goals, digitilzation of peoples lives tied in with medical dictates as in freedom passes, the removal of civil liberties.

    Whatever the lamestream calls far right or conspiracy theorist? remember that those are the roads to the truth of whats going on in the world. Lamestream are full of shit!


    The cheek of the globalists in the oireachtas to even contemplate having a thanksgiving,

    They should learn that america has a thing called the first amendment, perhaps they should implement that into the irish constitution, instead of thanksgiving.

    Instead the globalist oireachtas pushes CENSORSHIP, and tyranny through ludicrous hate speech proposals that seek to undermine freedom of thought, speech, critical thinking and criticism of out of control RADICAL left wing globalists destroying irelands national economy, creating a homeless epidemic, and a cost of living epidemic and endangering the future of irelands older people by trying to deny them affordable and superior means of heating a house like coal and a traditional fire.

    Globalist politicans are metaphorically ripping the heart out of rural ireland aswell. They should never ever be given a vote. Shut the door if they ever come knocking for a vote. They are not qualified to lead Ireland and safeguard the interests of the people in any meaningful capacity.

    Vote for NP and the Irish Freedom Party. Get them elected into the oireachtas, and lets see the smirks on the sell outs in the oireachtas then. They will lose every argument!



  3. Morons….dangerous morons.


  4. # 51 st state


  5. Is there much white dust seen about recently, in the vicinity of the party Head Den Quarters, You’d wonder wouldn’t ye, might be shades of dust on the windows


  6. Mary Stasia Concannon 01/10/2021 at 2:56 am

    Have you ever had roast turkey with stuffing and all the fixings and pumpkin pie for desert? I think you’re all getting too morose and priggish – not that i blame you, but sometimes you have to take off the hairshirt and enjoy the meal.


  7. (((They))) Live 02/10/2021 at 9:59 pm

    If Turkey was worth eating, we would eat it all year

    Cook a Goose or a nice Steak, leave the muck to the Yanks

    Could the Burkean, please change the font used on the site, it looks terrible


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