Thousands marched in Dublin this Saturday afternoon in protest against controversial new government legislation described, which has been described by some as implementing a system of medical ‘segregation’ and ‘apartheid’ in the country.

The Legislation, seemingly passed in response to the growth of the new ‘Delta variant’ of Covid-19, will force many private businesses in Ireland to screen their customers based on whether they have received a sufficient number of Covid-19 vaccines, or have overcome the virus in the past six months. 

The law requires that customers that have not fulfilled either of these criteria must be refused indoor service. Meanwhile, any establishment found in breach of these new restrictions runs the risk of facing dire legal consequences.

The march, which numbered easily in the thousands, coincided with a number of other marches taking place all across Europe protesting the implementation of similar restrictions, many of which revolve around the use of ‘vaccine passports’, which denote one’s vaccinated status.

Saturday’s march, despite being one of the larger protests that have taken place in the Capital over the last decade, has so far received very little coverage in the mainstream media, particularly when compared to others which have taken place in recent months. For example, a recent poorly attended ‘anti-racism’ protest organized by NGO Le Chéile generated multiple pieces in various major outlets, while far larger anti-lockdown demonstrations were barely referenced, if at all.

The protests come at a time when Europe is experiencing what appears to be the beginning of a clampdown on democracy across the bloc. Hungary, for example, after announcing it would hold a referendum on whether to allow West-European-style sexual education laws, was lambasted by many individuals in various seats of power, with the Dutch Prime Minister even going so far as to effectively demand the nation leave the EU or step back in line. Meanwhile, the French government has made pronouncements demanding that the entirety of its population get vaccinated, or that it will make ‘their lives miserable if they do not.

In Ireland, apart from the recent Covid related restrictions, we have begun to see the beginning of the campaign against public freedom and expression for the purpose of curtailing the exponential growth of the new emerging Right. Leaving to one side the prospect of so-called ‘hate speech’ laws, which will likely be implemented early next year, rumblings have already begun on restricting access to the democratic process for those who express certain viewpoints, a move eerily reminiscent of those frequently seen in the early to mid 20th century.

However, as the resistance to the current Covid regime grows, it appears that any sort of authoritarian restriction against the growth of populism in Ireland will be ultimately futile. While likely to stem the growth of the movement in the short term, the restrictions are merely an attempt to close the stable door after the horse has already bolted. 

In this regard, the only question left is how long the current madness will be able to last before sense eventually prevails.

Posted by Daithí O'Duibhne


  1. The Real Fianna 24/07/2021 at 9:02 pm

    The ministry of bullshit have got a problem, the boat is being rocked.

    The ‘National Public Hysteria Enforcement Team’ (NPHET) will be shocked, how dare people remove the face nappies, and take in some much needed fresh air. How dare people meet and chat with their friends in close proximity in public or at home. How dare they rebel against the idea that they should be coerced into being injected with dangerous experimental injections, that have killed thousands worldwide (some of which were children that were test subjects in trials) and maimed millions more with vicious side effects, in order to buy a cup of coffee, a pint or a meal in pubs or restaurants.

    Don’t worry lads, Leo the globo homo globalist communist, will be along shortly to give his ‘ministry of truth speech, IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH! IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH ! IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH! Silly homosexual!

    Good old nation bankruptcy artist mehole too will chime in, the silly muppet.

    Delta variant my hole.

    RTE will chime in and say ‘STAY SAFE’ Even though they push pro-injection-propaganda from big pharma, that have killed thousands, maimed millions with side effects after only a few months. Don’t worry they are safe? Safe? If that was true, then they would not be a danger to public health. Its the injections people need to worry about, not a fantasy virus. The irony is off the charts. STAY SAFE? yes people will stay safe by ignoring the bullshit, not being lab mice and refusing any experimental injections.

    The indoor hospitability should reject such proposals, and no one should support them unless they start to unite as a whole, protest and speak out against it.

    Any pub or restaurant enforcing the tyranny, avoid them and do not give them your money. They are part of the problem for going along with tyranny. To coerce people into taking a dangerous experimental injection procedure in order for a person to buy a coffee, a pint, or a meal from a dining establishment should be seen as pure tyranny, discrimination and a violation of personal space and the body.

    Also by allowing anyone to push a questionable swab of dubious manufacture so far up your head (practically into your brain), you are allowing yourself to be a test subject and test specimen for big pharma, who have been granted indemnity from any harm caused.

    It was never about a virus, (there is no virus) it is about removing peoples rights and freedoms, enriching private pharmaceutical companies, conditioning countries to behave to new abnormal dictates, and centralizing power for globalists who are trying to build a digital prison, a nightmare reality in which people will find themselves enslaved.

    As old Klaus, you will own nothing, but you will be happy.

    Its like something out of a fucking bond film, only its real life.

    People would want to start waking the fuck up, rights and freedoms need to be taken back.

    Delta variant my hole. They are only trying to prolong what they are getting away with. People need to question more, don’t believe lamestream media.


  2. Ivaus@thetricolour 28/07/2021 at 3:39 pm

    God forbid that you would insult the Sheeple, and God forbid that you would educate the masses . When and if God knows, when the dust settles on this C19
    hysteria,I hope a lot of people have the courage to question what transpired.From the beginning,and before it became public restricted information,every aspect of Covid 19 is questionable. China,Wuhan,WHO,UN,
    EU,Governments,Legacy Media,Social Media,World economic forum,IMF,
    then lockdowns,masks,tests and vaccines,not least to mention Bill n Melindas
    Foundation,Money,corruption AND DEATHS…AND DEATHS THAT COULD HAVE AND SHOULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED. For the price of
    Throwing cheap insults ” CONSPIRICY NUTTERS ” at people that expected
    debate and the opportunity to question A GLOBAL PANDEMIC and the
    destruction of life and economy,immune system and TRUST…I will not expect
    all the silent fence sitters to own up. Where genuine normal human beings gave
    you a free choice,you were used by others to intimidate all that did not suck up
    to a globalist fear generating agenda. COMMON SENSE WAS F.CKED OUT
    THE WINDOW…and you did not question ” the new normal ” SERFDUMB.


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