Ireland’s birth rate continues its free-fall decline as the country embraces social liberalism and abortion-on-demand. In 2020 there were just under 56,000 babies born in Ireland. To put the scale of Ireland’s abortion industry into context, in 2019 there were nearly 7,000 abortions. 

Of those 55,959 babies born, roughly three-quarters were to parents with “Irish nationality.” Given that there have been over 120,000 granted citizenship to the end of 2018 and such naturalisations have continued apace, we can safely assume that there are in the region of 150,000 naturalised citizens in the country.

In order to satisfy the “replacement fertility” of 2.1, we should be seeing figures in the region of closer to 70,000 babies born each year – a difference of just over 14,000.


While the CSO does not give an ethnic breakdown on births as they do for resident ethnic groups in the Census, we can assume that the ethnic Irish make-up of those 55,959 to be much lower than the headline figure cited above.

This collapse in our birth rate as a nation is nothing short of catastrophic, and we are being sleep-walked into our own demise as a people whilst the Government plans to bring in four million more migrants within the next few decades, following the failed continental policy of trying to staunch the effects of an ageing population by absorbing migrants, hoping against hope that new migrant workforce will foot the bill for Irish pensions.

The social effects of such failed policies being reenacted here are already becoming more evident by the day — whether it was the unprovoked stabbing of an Irish boy by an African gang in Cork, or the same kind of gangs accusing a pregnant woman of being racist and threatening to cut her baby out of her in Portmarnock in 2018.

What is obvious is that there will be a reckoning in the coming decades due to the policies enacted by fragile and elderly men in Dáil Éireann for the benefit of the owners of capital. Sinn Féin’s clamouring for abortion in the northern and southern parts of this island, and the looming demographic apocalypse facing us, brings into question their grasp on reality.

“Our revenge will be the laughter of our children.”

One wonders if there’ll be any Irish children left to laugh by the time Liberal Ireland is finished.

Posted by Eoin Corcoran


  1. I feel helpless watching these people destroy the irish people.


  2. The shame that is modern Ireland.


  3. The Real Fianna 30/05/2021 at 10:26 pm

    Incompetent political parties have been eradicating the safety and the spirit of the nation for a long time now. They have no nationalist principles, ideals, thoughts, strategy and ideology. Those parties are nothing but subservient ambassadors to the DESPOTIC EU project, and despotic globalist agendas (Think Agenda 2030 etc). They are an abomination. They are some of the most unintelligent people you will ever see.

    They sold out Irelands national assets (Fisheries + Offshore Gas and Oil) Which was never in the best interests of the Irish people as a whole as such assets should be used to their full advantage for the health and prosperity of the nation and its people and not to the benefit of foreign and corporate interests.

    They even had the gall to suggest irish forests should be sold off too, so they could pay off the debts incurred, after they bankrupted the state, due to severe neglect and sheer incompetence over ten years ago.

    They are a holy show, perhaps old Lukashenko ought to teach them some fervours of strong leadership. Or maybe that would be out of the question as they would probably go crying and babbling to their masters in brussels looking for what script to read out next.

    They allowed abortion to be legal. Thousands of Irish souls will never see the light of day because of such a monstrosity. Its something out of a dystopian horror novel. A national disgrace!

    They are attempting to bring in hate speech so people will find it more difficult to criticise their policy of allowing mass-immigration to take a foothold in Irish society, because of its high potential to create crime-drug-ridden ghettos as has been seen in other european countries where such integration-projects are a complete failure, and even in Ireland now too with violent african gangs (From Immigrant families) causing trouble around Irelands cities. Ghettoised criminality is much different from indigenous criminality. Ghettoised societies are a two-tier society that create massive problems and are very difficult to police. Look at some Swedish, german and French cities. Look at all the problems they have to deal with due to open-border policies. The rise of the RIGHT in those countries were inevitable, it will be inevitable too for Ireland. THe RIGHT will rise in irish politics eventually and no frothing at the mouth of the opposition can stop it.

    The irish political status-quo are terrified of being criticised, thats why the dubious new hate speech laws are being brought in. Its nothing but orwellian suppression of free speech.

    They have also let islamic immigrants into the state who are wanted on terrorism charges in other countries, yet ireland can not even deport them to their countries of origin. Irelands open border policy is a joke when compared to eastern european countries like Poland. If irish politicans stood for election in poland, they would not get 1 vote!

    The Irish government would be sooner to house non-irish citizens than their own irish citizens whose ancestors are rooted in Ireland. That tells you everything you need to know about what are the priorities for globalist irish political parties are.

    It is not just abortion that is causing a steep decline in the the future of Gaels, it is also the enormous cost of living and houses in the state which is anti-family at its core.

    Ireland is a grossly mismanaged country with the worst stewards in all of europe. It is completely debt ridden!


    1. The Real Fianna,
      Greetings from London. I understand and agree with every sentiment expressed in your comment contribution.
      Semantics have a bearing on these issues. For example, I perceive the ‘mainstream’ body politic to be so far Left and cultural Marxist that I wholly refute tags such as ‘right’ or ‘far-right. Shifting and re-framing meanings is another reality altering tactic of the extremist leftist ‘mainstream’.
      For inner-city youth in London, acceptance of the physically dominant street ‘culture’ imported by way of Jamaica and Africa is the default position. Hence why a 55 yr flower seller was killed from a stabbing incident on Saturday in Central North London.


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