“Do you ask a white-skinned person, when will you let the privilege associated with being white stop? Then again whiteness studies tell us that whiteness is a supplier of privilege that many Caucasians take for granted and are not even aware of.”

Interesting words and highly charged to the ears of the many ‘privileged’ generations of Irishmen and women who have died, starved, and forced to abandon their native soil for a life of servitude, or for a wretched existence in a British colony, stripped of all hope with the mockery of our ethnic identity laid bare at the world’s feet.

Let me introduce you to the highly esteemed anti-racist activist, Dr. Ebun Joseph. Holding a Ph.D. for her dissertation work on ‘Racial Stratification in the Irish labour market’, she is also Director for the Institute of Antiracism and Black Studies, a race-relations consultant, lecturer of Black Studies, and Chairperson of the African Scholars Association of Ireland. 

Dr. Ebun was also a teaching fellow for Trinity College Dublin where she taught an undergraduate module on race, ethnicity, and identity, including a master’s module on the intersectionality of race and gender. On top of this, she developed the first module in Black Studies and Critical Race Theory (CRT) in Education at University College Dublin.

In October, The Burkean revealed that Joseph had presented what appeared to be bogus photos and statements as part of her new anti-racist ‘institute’.

The adherents to the discipline of CRT to which Dr. Ebun has chosen to align her path with, pursue the challenging of Eurocentric values and are critical of classic libertarian tenets. In the words of fellow scholars such as Solorzano and Yosso in 2001 they outline CRT as “critical of the concepts of objectivity, meritocracy, colour blindness, race neutrality, equal opportunity, and incremental change”.

Thus we enter into the realm of ‘equality of outcome’, stating that all people regardless of their upbringing or individual efforts must be yielded the same equal outcome, whether that be social or economic. The arbiter of such inequalities is relative to every generation, and in today’s Ireland Dr. Ebun will be such a judge. There to impress her ideological mark onto the Irish psyche and the future of Irish leaders, academics, and journalists. To only teach one thing; that Ireland is a racist, xenophobic, bigoted, and nativist country, unless enlightened in the ways of anti-racism and diversity. 

It would appear however that Joseph looks set to want to make a small fortune while lecturing us natives on our racist habits, as shown by the pricing list of her new institute.

You can now become politically civilised for a fee of €1750-€2450. The price for a course on diversity within the workplace comprising of 21 hours of Zoom lectures, as well as some self-learning activities.

Not the only course available through the institute for similar amounts, you could also take courses on Black Studies or Critical Race Theory.

To Dr. Ebun, and to all those in similar positions across Europe, in the words of Voltaire: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” However, you and those similar have an audacity to blindly subvert the nation of Ireland, and such words as ‘ideological training’ are an insult to countrymen, my ancestors, and all those who fought and continue to fight for the national and righteous cause. To be an Irish native is not to be ‘white’ or ‘fragile’ as Ebuns courses like to perpetuate; Ireland is made through its shared heritage, connected by its ancestral names and familial blood, we are thus unique and proud.

I will never cower and my countrymen will never allow the peddling of supposed Gaelic, white, caucasian, or any racialised guilt for that matter. Guilt into the hearts and minds of people who have no vision for your descriptions of a supposed hateful and prejudiced land which seeks the domination of others for its own benefit.

To be native is to have an ancestral history, a home, a community, and to recognise its limits. Do not expect any native of any land to self-regulate, self-shame, and pander with political correctness to every perceived injustice. The native is not to be shoved, silenced, and made to comply with overt multicultural policies and narratives. Modern diversity narratives within homogeneous nations without input from nativism lack balance. As such it is a front for dismantling the natives’ right to their own culture in their own country.

Posted by Ben O’Reilly


  1. Spender_CGB 13/04/2021 at 6:54 pm

    We really need to define what true african culture and civilisation is.
    By that I mean pure african culture without any outside influence, and why
    it is worthy of embracing it.
    Consider, if europeans had gone to Africa looked around and then left, without doing anything
    to raise their (african) standard of existence
    . Would ‘Dr’ Ebun have even known of the existance of Irish culture?


  2. How can I become more involved to stop this dangerous woman and the like of her infiltrating our institutions like they did in the US? CRT is crazy and dangerous and must be demolished.


  3. I wouldn’t waste ink discussing that fraud. How low has TCD sunk when they gave someone with the IQ of a village idiot, as she showed on a prime time discussion with Michael McDowell some months ago. a job teaching? Who takes this person seriously?


  4. White,Irish and very proud of it.


  5. Ms Joseph is the mama of an anchor baby. Ireland doesn’t do deportations. Why ?


  6. There is not iota of commonsense of humanity of why this (presumably) Nigerian woman is given a platform for subjugating and or replacing the ethnic Irish people in their own homeland – as opposed to a colony of Irish people in Lagos; but the tragedy is the weak minded minority ethnic Irish are exploited at the expense of the country and listen to this inane garbarge.
    1.Ireland was a chattel colony to England for nigh on 800 years. Dismantle her with facts and history.
    2.Defund universities that hire people who promulgate neo-Marxists anti-indigenous hatred.
    3.Belt and braces review of all Irish universities curriculums that are detrimental to the Irish people.


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