Audio of activist Dr. Lucy Michael discussing strategy with Burkean writers posing as antifa activists has been censored from Youtube.

The audio of the International Organization for Migration affiliated activist was removed after a continuous campaign of harassment made against this publication and its authors since the release of the Irish Antifa Project, which aimed to show how politicians, officials and activists are willing to co-ordinate with self described antifa behind closed doors.

Dr Michael has been an active contributor to a range of anti-racist organisations, among those the Open Society funded Irish Network Against Racism (INAR), noted for its participation in antifascist events and consultation with the state and social media giants regarding hate speech.

In the records, Dr Michael promised to pass on the contact information of Irish Antifa to the ‘Far-Right Observatory’, a seemingly informal grouping of progressive actors looking to suppress those suspected of being involved in right-leaning politics.

When asked about the risk of using violence Dr Michael replied that “I wouldn’t say no” but stressed the need to keep a broad front against the far right.

The audio remains available through alternative hosting arrangements, but can no longer be listened to on Youtube.

The Burkean remains committed to ensuring that the audio taken during the Irish Antifa Project remains fully accessible to the public, despite ongoing harassment from unknown sources.

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  1. The attempt to silence and deny truth is but the the last tired and weak punch of a loser.

    Well done!

    Certa Bonum Certamen


  2. Dr. Lucy Michael ‘s website says she’s: “… an expert on integration, diversity and equality in Ireland and the UK.” We are then told she holds a “… PhD and MA in Criminology from Keele University and Bachelor of Civil Laws from University College Dublin.”

    But yet this shameless and “highly educated” criminologist says she would be open to agreeing to injury and harm being inflicted on those who hold beliefs simply because they differ from her own.

    Does she remind you of that sulky spoilt child you knew in your youth that upended the checkers or chess board every time s/he got beaten?

    Where ordinary folk think ahead in weeks and months, The Elite think in decades and centuries. Lucy would have probably been groomed by them from her first days in Uni. The not-so-bright ones make the best recruits. Those of low IQ are easier to manipulate, control or blackmail if need be. And, like Lucy, they are more disposed to thuggary.

    The Elite today have such influence they are able to nurse people like Lucy through Uni and then have their grades inflated in order that they gain PhDs in made-up and idiotic disciplines such as integration/diversity.

    What’s dangerous about unintellectual grade-inflated PhD holders is that in a lot of cases they view themselves as having won their qualifications legitimately. In other cases they’ll subconsciously be aware of the grade-inflation and arrogantly push their “expertise” forward in an attempt to prove to themselves that if push had come to shove they’d have been able to gain their qualifications using their intellects. Whether the former or latter, The Elite gain by having them ruthlessly promote their agenda (as in above case, Lucy’s willingness to condone violence to promote an ideology).

    As has been made clear this year in cities across the United States, Antifa’s controllers view violence, rioting and mayhem as a legitimate route to power.

    Western education is today totally controlled by The Elite. Check out Antifa in the US or Germany. In these two countries the vast majority of Antifa is made-up of middle-class White youths from wealthy families. In decades past these youths would not have qualified for university. After secondary school they’d have gravitated towards bottom-shelf clerical work or apprenticeships.

    Today, though, they are head-hunted and eagerly sought by universities. Where make believe and generally worthless disciplines along sociological lines have been created for them.

    They then become part of The Elites bottom-up destruction of Western cultural systems. For instance, you get enough of them shouting loud enough about gender identities and then this can be presented to a government as the “electoral’s will”.

    Then, as today in the Western World, you have 6-year-olds being coerced into questioning their gender and being given drugs as a means to alter it.

    Can anyone tell me that a person like “Dr” Lucy Michael, who says she might condone pushing the sexualising of 6-year-olds via violence, is really intelligent in the normal sense?

    Any country that wants to safeguard its future first needs to take back their Universities. If this isn’t done Western society will crash and burn.


  3. This lady obviously has serious issues. Any person that supports the use of violence against a person/people voicing a dissent opinion to leftist ideology is not a stable person. The Gardai need to have a chat with her.


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