Five years ago, Identity Ireland were attacked on the Luas by members of Antifa. This assault ended up marking the end of the inept political party, which has degenerated into a YouTube channel which posts once a season.

That attack, in quite brutal terms, was a showcase of the power of street-level activism and what political violence can achieve. The ‘Nationalists’ (if they can be called that) of Identity Ireland were humiliated, and, as such, weren’t heard from again.

I remember in 2018 attending an anti-Direct Provision centre meeting in Wicklow, at which Gearóid Murphy among others gave voice to the unease which hung in the air. Up to late 2018, we essentially organised in an asymmetric manner – we would go where we want without forewarning, do what we wanted, and leave. This was crucial in rebuilding the brand of right-wing nationalism to which we were and are imbibed. It gave us the space to spread our message, to make ourselves known, and to reassure those who share our views that they are not alone. There was a lot of high-impact set-pieces, like the first unfurling of an “Ireland Belongs to the Irish” banner.

Over the last two years however, something has changed. It’s as though the air in Dublin City has taken on a new character, something that began more-or-less with the Barrow Street and Free Speech protests outside Leinster House. These demonstrations put faces which had circulated online for years into the real world, in the tangible.

And over the last number of months this has accelerated even faster. The General Election saw us for the first time flex our electoral muscles, to get to grips with how the game is played. At the March for Innocence/anti-Paedophilia Rally outside Leinster House only a few short weeks ago, up to two thousand Irish people marched to have Roderic O’Gorman ousted for his ties to Peter Tatchell. At the same event, “antifa” actors had their speakers kicked in, their banner stolen and burned.

Intent on securing revenge, fewer than twenty of them tried to charge a protest at the Custom House. Videography and imagery circulating from the event shows quite clearly the result – one Antifa member knocked unconscious for fifteen minutes and later allegedly escorted to hospital. Others knocked to the ground with the imminency of being flung into the River Liffey only averted by the arrival of Gardaí.

This is how truly frail “anti-fascist” organisations have become. Now, I will try to explain why.

Dissident Republicans, the kind who would have and could have run people off the streets, have been largely pushed aside by a kind of effete, weak, feminine-type of ‘Socialist’ college student. It wasn’t in vogue for people from Whitehall to be affiliated with working-class Republicans, having a commitment to any kind of Ireland wasn’t something the “new” Antifa wanted.

Sure, they would have a tricolour in their Twitter bio (alongside the Palestinian flag and the gay flag, never on its own), or they’d put up the occasional Facebook post espousing their commitment to a United Ireland. But only if that was a United Ireland of the Fintan Warfield-variety. An Ireland which was no different to New York or California. The shooting of Lyra McKee made the wholesale disavowal of Saoradh by their former friends in the liberal-left inevitable.

The mistake dissident Republicans made when allying with the Left was that they expected loyalty, but there’s no loyalty in bourgeoise capitalism or Woke Liberalism. These people are ultra-individualists, they don’t ­actually care about Republicanism, or a United Ireland, or our history, or the survival of our Nation. The new Left only care about what they can get from a transaction – that’s why they have abandoned the working-class, that’s why they have abandoned Republicans.

The inability of the Left to challenge the Right on the streets was highlighted a number of weeks ago where it was acknowledged and, essentially, conceded. Right now, the Right can put more people on the street, and has the upper-hand in any physical engagement. The Left is intellectually and ideologically drained, they have nothing new to say, nothing exciting to add. Who knew 22 year old girls with Dad’s bank account wouldn’t have an interest in street protests? Who could have known that working-class Nationalist young fellas could smash-up middle class Reds?

It is clear that the nationalist Right is in ascendance on the streets of Dublin, and I would like to take this moment to reach out a hand to any Republicans that have yet to join us: We want the same things you do; we believe the same things you do. Come out and talk to us, see us face to face, understand that we want to achieve the exact same future for Ireland: an Ireland where the Planters have been sent home, where Ireland is united and free, where the Irish language reigns supreme, where children can be reared and families raised on a normal wage. We want an Ireland where the working-class and the middle-class don’t have an unspoken class divide, but where we view each other as equals, as Irishmen first and as Irishmen last.

The Yuppies have already abandoned you before, so why hold out for them? If, somehow, we on the nationalist Right disappeared tomorrow, you’d be the next target on their list. They want to atomise Ireland, to delete it from existence and replace it with Netflix, Starbucks, and Brown Thomas. Your commitment to a united Ireland in any form is anathema to them. They’re never going to like you.

Nationalism is in the ascendancy and when we work hand-in-hand, glove-in-glove. we can achieve greatness. Or we can re-enact the destruction of our Nation while tech giants sponsors Black Lives Matter protests in Blanchardstown and drives working-class estates even further apart.

The choice is yours – we’re going to march onwards, and we want you to march beside us.

Posted by Eoin Corcoran


  1. Who exactly are the Planters?


  2. Niall Graham 26/08/2020 at 11:36 pm

    Good article but I echo the comment of Sean above,

    Surely you are not talking about the entire unionist community?

    If you are, then how would that happen?

    I’m good with the rest of your ideas.


  3. Who are the planters?!? Im affiliated with the nationalist movement, but am a (proud) British citizen. Do i need to pack my bags?


  4. Niall Graham 27/08/2020 at 11:12 pm

    Any chance the author of the article could respond to the question of who are the planters?

    Wolfe Tone was from planter stock wasn’t he.


  5. I believe the planter’s are the Sub Saharan Africans and Islamists Fundamentalists that are being imported at a rapid rate in the last 20 years or so, I as an Irish person do not see my Northern Brethren as Planters, but as brothers and sisters that will no doubt support our cause, we will all stand together as one for our wee Island, regardless of faith or background, we have been here for millennia, regardless of our background being Irish, Scottish, Welsh or English, we may by no means have got on together, but we were always here together, and we will always be here together to make sure our lands are our own.


  6. “We want the same things you do; we believe the same things you do.” The problem is they don’t. Why do you keep chasing them, there is never any respect given to any chaser from the chased. Yourself, a few others and Keith woods, are at this quite a bit and then at the same time are dismissive and down on people who might disagree with you on smaller things. Its cringing. And before I am dismissed as a Fine Gaeler or whatever; wrong; I am a former republican, I know them inside out, they have been sold out, bought out, clapped out, there are good people left but they will learn the hard way, not this way


    1. I have to agree fully with the above. I am watching from Asia and what I see from the’Right’ are opportunists riding in on ‘immigration’ and nothing more.
      None of the Right have any fucking idea of how we came to this and zero idea how to change it.
      Keyboard Warriors and plastic Patriots are useless and the truth is this country will soon enter a phase I discussed with businessmen who cared that unless we build an indigenous industry of our own to reduce or replace FDI companies we would suffer.
      That was 1995. It’s far too late now They will all wake up when this grand plan being inflicted on the west collapses and Ireland is ostracized by other countries as they reform as a Union of Trading partners. All we will get left with is potatoes and stew. Then, and only then, will they accept the truth.

      The country is faced with the same old merry-go-round of SF, FG, and FF or and a sprinkling of Mad Gemma, Grand Torino, Justin Barrett, Critiqued and the child philosopher Keith Woods or that increasing stupid clown who began well then fucked his credibility by introducing his Collie Dog in his arms telling the dumb creature to say ‘hello’ to everyone and now, say “Say goodbye” Cap.” That’s’s your future.

      It’s over.


  7. The impression I get from some on the right is that they’re angry because they’re losing their quality of life. Some in the media and academia now see an opportunity to raise their profile also. I have also heard leading figures say they don’t won’t any Muslims in the country but what about legitimate asylum seekers? After all those people wouldn’t be seeking asylum if the West wasn’t bombing their countries into the stone age!


  8. One other point. I believe that many on the right aren’t really understanding the gravity of Covid. Covid is a smokescreen for a massive austerity agenda. People think it’ll be over when the ‘cure’ arrives which may turn out be be worse than the virus. Covid is just the beginning of a whole new way of living or existing I should say which is being pushed by the most powerful people and groups on the planet. This austerity is planned to continue this century and beyond yet the conservatism of many on the right dismiss this as conspiracy theory. I guess it wouldn’t be good for their careers or their mental health either to look too deeply into this but make no mistake what is happening is much bigger than nationalism and your own patch and is in fact a war on all of us regardless of your religion , nationality or skin colour


  9. Niall Graham 30/08/2020 at 5:33 pm

    Sending African people back to where they came from is just nonsensical stuff. Plenty of people came here as kids, who were not given any choice in the matter, and I know many of these people.

    Advising people to assimilate is the right thing to do,

    It’s absolutely suicidal to espouse such a view, plays completely into the hands of the BLM twats.


    1. Tony Kavanagh 14/05/2021 at 5:17 pm

      Europeans (with the exception of the EU Kraut Merkel, and woke faggots, are sick of having violent subhumans taking over their countries.

      We have to fight. Start burning down mosques with the shitskins inside, and they’ll soon get the message they’re not wanted.


  10. If the Irish people become a minority in their own homeland the Dail will be dominated by non Irish and we will have lost the power to direct our future as a nation, we will be sidelined and ultimately we will cease to exist, our children will have no future, for this reason any arguments against measures to reverse this trend work against our very survival, these include, considerations for asylum seekers, or any other so called “humanitarian” issues, historical movements of Irish people, “racism” or other meaningless labels, and all of the other nonsense the blind people to the blatantly obvious result if we continue on our present path, because of our small population we have very little time, people really need to take this seriously.


  11. Support Antifa!


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