The Burkean can report today of the removal of the controversial book “Beyond Magenta” from Cork City Libraries after complaints by local parents. 

Written by the author Susan Kuklin, the book centres around the experiences of transgender children communicated through a series of interviews.

Despite winning a variety of awards within the LGBT literary community it incurred considerable controversy for its description of the benefits of sex acts on children as young as 6. Prior to this week’s decision the book had been already removed from shelves in Australia following a similar campaign from concerned parents and lobby groups.

In an email sent out yesterday, officials for the Cork City library services confirmed that upon examination the book had been removed from circulation, apologising for any delay in the process. 

While stressing the need that marginalised groups including the transgender community require access to reading material following a consultation with senior staff it was decided to remove the book. 

The decision was brought about in particular by concerned local parent Kelly O’Brien who in a public email highlighted paedophilic tracts of the book as well as the necessity to have it removed from public consumption. Of particular worry was the presence of the book in the children’s section of the library. 

Speaking to The Burkean O’Brien described that while she was entirely supportive of free speech and rights of the LGBT community she drew the line when it came to the potential grooming of children. 

“I am for free speech at the end of the day but children need protecting from grooming materials”  

In tandem South Dublin libraries have received criticism for its ongoing failure to remove “Beyond Magenta” following complaints by local parents voicing similar concerns about the inadvertent grooming of children through paedophilic material.

The controversy comes amid increased scrutiny of materials endorsing paedophilic acts among children available at Irish libraries as well as the alleged censorship of library books by Catholic writers. 

For those with longer memories this is not the first occasion when Irish library services have been castigated for humouring questionable attitudes towards the sexualisation of young children. In April of last year Dun Laoghaire Library was forced to cancel the hosting of a so called ‘drag story time’ event for children over the presence of queer drag collective ‘Glitter Hole’ noted for its sexual imagery in performances. 

The removal of “Beyond Magenta” comes amid widespread controversy over the rollout of the RSE sexual education curriculum in schools which has earned considerable outrage by parents nationwide. 

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  1. The thin end of the wedge. A determined effort underway to normalise paedophilia. The state standing idly by while the “progressive” lobbyists,NGO’s and human rights organisations push this evil.


  2. Many thanks for this

    Only now discovered your excellent work

    Perhaps we need more accountable on this issue- someone needs to be OUTED

    The person who authorized the purchase of this literary excrement and the individual who is responsible for placing it in the Children’s Section of the library

    And the claque who decriminalised the production of such vomit in the first instance


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