Woke Capital in the Fair City

As the new cultural revolution unfolds across the Western world, the thoroughfares of Dublin are the latest to be transformed to reflect the new order. You do not have to be an eagle-eyed Joycean observer of Dublin street signage to notice the numerous ‘You Don’t Get To Be Racist and Irish” billboards festooned around the fair city, and most conurbations nationwide.

Quoting a rather lacklustre poem penned by the singer Imelda May that went viral from her Instagram account near the peak of the recent Floyd protests, its promotion has been chosen to raise awareness of the new ‘Equality Fund‘ by the NGO ‘Rethink Ireland’. Reframing Irish identity as both inherently pluralistic as well as anti-racist is a rather tired chestnut in the repertoire for diversity activists.

While very much part and parcel of the diversity overdrive embarked upon by our cultural elites the past two months, the billboards merit some examination in both their funding and significance. A motif with anti-racist activism in Ireland, despite the supposed left-wing credentials, is the spectre of state and corporate patronage lurking beneath the surface, with this new venture being no different.

This phenomenon is referred to as ‘Woke Capital‘, and is arguably the defining feature of contemporary Irish liberalism, in a country that has been moulded in the image of the foreign corporations who inhabit it.

Rethink Ireland: The Diversity Lobby’s New Slush Fund

Numbering 200 billboards in total, the campaign was the firing shot for a nationwide effort to promote the new “Equality Fund” by the NGO ‘Rethink Ireland’. 

Roughly approximating from industry quotes the 200 billboards would cost in the ballpark region of €340 each, including printing costs for a two week slot on the streets of Dublin. It is unclear how long the billboards will be in place nationwide but a lower working figure could be given in the region of €68,000 for a two-week advertising splurge nevermind any miscellaneous costs.

In all probability the actual figure is probably a multiple of this as they appear to up longer bringing the potential costs closer to €136,000+ when all costs are included. While not astronomical it certainly is no short change, especially for promoting an Instagram post by a mediocre Irish singer past her artistic sell-by date.

With a degree of uncritical media fanfare, the fund and May’s Instagram post turned anti-racist agitprop received ample media coverage, with little examination of the powers enabling it. Along with a variety of cultural figures present at the launch were director of Bohemians Football Club, Daniel Lambert, a club noted for its active antifascist stance against nationalists.

Keen cultural observers may remember Imelda May not just from her music career but her recent turn towards the poetic arts, best exemplified by her ode to her personal sex toys at the Irish Times’ Summer Nights festival. Regardless, the powers that be have enlisted her as a sort of anti-racist muse on this occasion.

Among the voices wishing the fund well were the presently embattled Minister for Children Roderic O’Gorman, who has engendered controversy over his relationship with alleged paedophile apologist Peter Tatchell. Indeed, Rethink Ireland boasts of increased cooperativity with state departments including O’Gorman’s Department of Children as well the Department of Social Protection. These relationships will no doubt come into play as the funding is dished out to a variety of activist stakeholders looking to alter the tempo of state policy.

The fund, totaling €3 million, is set to be dispensed over the period of three years aiming to tackle issues of systemic racism and sexism as well as the marketing of a more diverse Ireland. Issues ranging from transphobia to racism are to be challenged with funding promised to marginalised groups and community-led initiatives. 

While the €3 million figure is a hefty amount in of itself, it is merely the tip of the financial iceberg regarding Rethink Ireland and the money it channels into liberal activism. 

Registered officially under the trading name ‘Social Innovation Growth Fund Ireland’, it registers a healthy annual income stream just shy of €8 million with one half originating from the state coffers, specifically The Department of Rural and Community Development. The remaining half of the fund is constituted from money gleaned from major benefactors as well as from the corporate world. 

The fund is a rather fortunate beneficiary of the ‘Dormant Accounts Fund’ scheme redirecting money from unclaimed accounts to specific social projects. For every euro donated to the fund from the private sector or individuals the Irish State matches it, effectively doubling its bank balance in one fell swoop. Whatever the total cost of the billboard campaign the taxpayer is carrying the bucket for every second euro spent.

Promising grants of up to €75,000  per annum, the fund puts emphasis on promoting ‘people of colour’ as well as combating systemic issues of racism/sexism/transphobia allegedly present in the Irish body politic and civic society. The grants come after a multistage process by which potential grantees pitch their idea to the fund.

Operating since 2013 the Fund and its variety of subsidiaries has championed numerous causes from sex workers to Muslim women to LGBT rights. With a diversified history and offices off the Dublin Docklands the group has a prestigious record from partnering with Google for social innovation grants, to bankrolling progressive initiatives in the corporate world. 

The primary benefactor to this new fund are the Irish-American philanthropic couple Peter Kinney and Lisa Sandquist, long time benefactors to the charity itself. After making their fortunes through capital management, they decided to give back in the hopes of transforming Ireland into what is in their eyes a more welcoming and tolerant society. Indeed the couple are expected to bankroll half the costs of this fund over the course of the next three years with their donations effectively matched by the Irish state.

Speaking in a 2019 interview, the power couple stated their yearning to alter preconceived notions around Irish identity being conservative and Catholic, in keeping with the zeitgeist immediately following the Repeal referendum. The Chicago based duo have a registered foundation in their names, with an annual revenue stream of over $3 million as of December 2018, channeled through a multitude of charities and grantmaking globally. 

This repeats a theme found throughout the world of liberal NGOs in Ireland where affluent Irish-Americans direct funds through a third party organisation in the form of a non-profit to alter the social fabric of their home country.

What is done here with Rethink by Kinney and Sandquist was equally pursued by Chuck Feeney and his own Atlantic Philanthropies group, vital for the gay marriage referendum as well as the open borders circuit nationalists in this country castigate.

While technically non-political and mainly going towards genuine philanthropic work there is a clear pattern of money bankrolling progressive initiatives in the field of LGBT rights and immigration specifically. 

Examining accounts for the fund accurate to the year 2018, we see annual expenditure stated as €7.3 million with a further €3.7 million listed as being deferred expenditure deferred for another year. 

Alongside de facto state funding through the mechanism of the Dormant Fund scheme the fund accumulates cash from both the private sector and major individual donors like Kinney and Sandquist.

Private donors are drawn from a variety of captains of industry in the world of finance,law and tech as well as major titans in the corporate world Accenture, Arthur Cox, Bank of America etc. There are indeed a variety of tailored partnership schemes for corporations to direct their donations to.

The past few years the fund has witnessed stark growth from a measly €285,000  in 2016 given in grants to a grand total of just over €7.3  million in 2018. This is in line with a 2016 announcement to vastly augment the fund’s capabilities to the tune of €10 million using both the state and corporate sector. The past ten years have seen an effective rebuilding of the non-profit sector following the collapse in state funding in the recession epoch.

In 2018 the fund listed an annual wage bill of €670,000, with its CEO being paid a respectable €122,000. With charitable status it is granted tax exemption under the Taxes Consolidation Act, 1997 another feature within the Irish NGO complex .

Presently the current CEO of the fund is Deirdre Mortell a graduate of the school of gender studies in Trinity and previously active on a variety of charity boards from Barnardos to Oxfam. In addition to these positions she has been board director for the progressive activist outfit Uplift Ireland as well as the CEO of ‘The One Foundation’ specialising in the integration of ethnic minorities into Irish life. College aged readers of this publication ought to know Uplift from communist student activism combating racism as well as its role in refugee resettlement. More recently Uplift has been at the forefront of the push towards hate speech legislation in Ireland.

In a March 2020 interview with Mortell the total size of the fund was placed at €52 million with hopes to rapidly expand into the region of €200 million in good time. In addition to her myriad of positions she has spearheaded the push towards gender equality at an electoral level as board director of the ‘Women for Election’ organisation aiming to promote the role of women in politics.. 

While Mortell is cut from the same ideological cloth as many CEOs in modern Ireland she is a bellwether to the prevalent hegemonic form of liberalism and how it impacts on soft power in this country. Woke capitalism is still a form of capitalism at the end of the day, and an increasingly schizophrenic form at that.

However it creates a very specific type of business class who follow a strict ideological line on matters on immigration and social mores without even knowing it. Mortell is perhaps the most typical example of this new globalist business clergy but there are many more like here that could be picked from a corporate catalogue.

The corporate donor list of Rethink Ireland reads like a day stroll through the IFSC from Allied Irish Bank to Bank of America funding a variety of progressive causes ranging from environmentalism to feminist programmes. The new rush towards anti-racist initiatives merely fleshes out a rather generous pattern of donating to liberal causes, aping the global trend over the past two months.

The LinkedIn profiles and corporate board listing of Rethink Ireland also appears like a who’s who of Irish liberal activists as well as top brass from the corporate and NGO world. From open border academics to corporate accountants, to heads of charities it typifies the trend of “Woke Capital” playing a silent hand in Irish society at an institutional level. Rather bluntly this is the leadership caste who have shepherded Ireland in a particular progressive direction in tandem with America the past decade and now have taken a sharp turn towards donating heavily to anti-racist causes in recent months. This is the business class flogging mass immigration to society and making sure no one is in a position to object.

Here at the beating heart of the NGO complex we enter a sort of ideological Twilight zone, where the forces of big capital and left activism fuse to form a soft power Chtulhu able to shift society where it wants. While we have seen endless column space devoted to finding a malevolent right-wing conspiracy from abroad to alter Irish politics, Rethink and its appendages are exactly that but for globalism, engineering Ireland to a preordained position as the California of Western Europe, and little more than an American satellite state precisely at the point America begins to crumble.

American and global corporations see Ireland as just a branch office of their American holdings, and are merely copying their stateside intitivates here.The perpetual activist class and multicultural grievance politics that has brought America to the precipice of implosion are to be repeated in Ireland using the corporate world and NGO lobby as a conduit.

Conclusion: Ireland’s Faulty Business Class

Political contributions in Ireland are managed by the Standard in Public Office Commission (SIPO), regulating the donations given to and expenditure by political organisations. While not entirely unregulated as a charity, Rethink Ireland avoids a certain spotlight and regulations saved for specifically political projects. Famously another charity used for liberal soft power projects, GLEN Ireland was shelved by regulators due infamous financial irregularities. 

The Irish NGO complex is big money, and it is tied directly to the sheer scale of corporate funds passing through Dublin city via multinationals. Rethink and the myriad of funding streams would not be able operate without the corporate power structures that have reshaped Ireland post-Crash and a docile 26 county state that facilitates it. Indeed to what extent can the past ten years of liberalisation in this country be put down to being the byproduct of the influence of Woke Capital affecting social attitudes is unclear.

The anti-racist message like May’s is favoured by corporations for the fact it gels perfectly with their modus operandi for eroding the concept and functionality of nationhood. Without the framework of a rooted Irish nationality, and a nation state to buttress it, Ireland is doomed forever more to become a mere loading dock for the forces of finance and the social engineering projects they enact. 

When people on the nationalist right complain of a ubiquitous NGO complex they don’t just mean shadowy Soros-shaped spooks, rather the real world effect of foreign plutocrats directing Irish politics and social attitudes using a tried and tested formula. Rethink is a major player in the realm of high stakes liberal activism but not the only one. In addition to the NGO class there is the issue of academia and the effective subsidising of an entire generation of vociferous and socially pernicious left activists.

In practical terms, if the record of lefty NGO activism in Ireland is anything to go by, Rethink Ireland is a slush fund for the diversity left and like-minded hangers-on. The Floyd riots have commenced a feeding frenzy of ant-racist patronage in Ireland mimicking that of the diversity lobby in America. While the Irish do not yet have a gargantuan anti-racist NGO organisation along the lines of the SPLC or ADL in America, the potential equivalents are germinating due to the various income streams provided by both state and private sector.

It is perhaps of significant irony, if not shameful doublethink that while Imelda May has as the central theme of the poem that racists cannot call upon the legacy of Irish republicanism as a moral justifier, the same anti-racist movement she is part of seeks to remove the statues of prominent Irish Republicans for historical racism.

When you or any Irish commuter see these posters you are seeing the physical product of a semi-subterranean nexus of Clintonesque social activism looking to abolish any essentialist notion of Irishness for their own ends.

Worldwide the electoral tool of populism is being employed to smash these global power elites personified by Rethink, that seek to denigrate the concept of nationality and the national homelands.

The Irish have yet to join their ranks but when they do should make a beeline towards NGOs like Rethink and assorted backers who seek to drag the Irish people through the mud-flogging of a failed brand of liberalism. You do not get to tell the Irish how to run their own country no matter how much corporate slush money you receive.

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Posted by Ciaran Brennan


  1. Another excellent piece by Ciarán. These NGO groups really are parasitic Almost all of them depend for their existence that the “injustice” or “prejudice” which they campaign to wipe out, must first of all be a major problem. Therefore where it doesn’t exist they must create it, For example racism in Ireland is virtually non existent (except maybe towards Irish people) so they must convince their funders, foundations like Soros’s and government that it is a major problem. So they drum up imaginary slights and relatively trivial incidents are now criminal. This is why they need new hate speech laws in order to prime the pump. Second in order to keep the funds flowing in they must ensure it is continuously in the forefront of the public eye via the national media, and of course rather than it being eradicated it is constantly growing.
    With the mainstream media now entirely compromised, journals like yours take on an increasingly important role. Well done.


  2. Delighted to read this excellent article. Well done.


  3. Alan Woods. 23/07/2020 at 4:29 pm

    Excellent article. “1984” getting closer,if not here already in many ways.


  4. Damien Mahoney 23/07/2020 at 8:22 pm

    A very informed and detailed article.
    The proliferation of corporate, State- subsidised NGO’s, intent on pursuing their dysfunctional Utopia is practically endemic now….so ensconced are they in Ireland.


  5. Post Brexit, Ireland will be taking tens of thousands of migrants unwanted by the Uk. By 2025, it will be as diverse, lawless & expensive as San Francisco or Seattle .
    Irish leave, fourth world arrive.


    1. Well said AI W , and when you invite the fourth world , you live in the fourth world IREXIT.


  6. Funds for people of color. This isn’t selective? Ireland will look like Portland or NYC soon
    My greatgrand parents came from Ireland, my father is from Roscommon. When they arrived in NYC, they weren’t sponsored. They worked their tails off. paid rent, bought food etc
    not with handouts, or government $$$$. They wanted to become Americans, the whole thing, the experience, give birth to future Americans. Expecting your host country to do everything for you is insufficient , totally not victory .


  7. Michael Murphy 01/08/2020 at 10:51 pm

    According to the book, Disunited Nations: The Scramble for Power in an Ungoverned World by Peter Zeihan, Britain and Ireland are destined to become satellites of the USA in a Post-USA-Global-Order-World in which the EU collapses, France becomes a superpower again, and Germany struggles to keep its head above water through integration with Eastern Europe. Interesting reading.

    “When we emerge on the other side of this we’re going to have American security but not global security, an American trade network but not a global trade network, American re-industrialization and global de-industrialization, and demographic collapse in the rest of the world. A completely new system, but historically speaking a lot more normal than what we have been in during the last few years.”


  8. A lot of it seems to be corporate money. There is such good that corporate money could do like planting oaks in Wicklow or saving endangered Irish species like the Nore mussel.


  9. In return to billboards saying “You don’t get to be racist and Irish” I would think.. You don’t get to be a hypocrite and progressive.


  10. Corpofascism has Ireland under its control as the Codenhove Kalergi dystopian nightmare consumes everything of value.
    The goal of the satanic elite is obvious and has been clear since the kalergi tome was first published in Vienna in 1922…around the same time Onkel Adolf was being set up to destroy Urupp for his anglozionazi owners.

    Coudenhove Kalergi extinction awards….
    Laughing all the way to the (Christian) graveyard.
    “Count” Richard Coudenhove Kalergi’s Plan outlined by Gerd Honsik:
    “Kalergi proclaims the abolition of the right of self-determination, … the
    elimination of nations by means of ethnic separatist movements or mass
    allogeneic (genetically dissimilar) immigration to create a multiethnic flock
    without quality, easily controllable by the ruling class. Kalergi characterized
    the multi-ethnic flock as cruel and unfaithful but maintained the elite must
    deliberately create them in order to achieve their own superiority: ‘Then the
    elite will first eliminate democracy – the rule of the people. Next, the elite
    will eliminate the people via miscegenation, thereby replacing the ruling white
    race with an easily controllable mestizo race. By abolishing the principle of
    equality of all before the law, avoiding and punishing any criticism of
    minorities, and protecting minorities with special laws, the masses will be



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