Dear Europeans,

Do not be fooled by the ideology of this new utopian neo-socialism highly promoted by the EU which in our opinion, it’s pure robbery. It is a product of an old ideology built on violence and thus intolerant of any discussion.

For centuries, most state revolutions have had their roots in the struggle between the so-called elites. The French Revolution for instance, wasn’t as much concerned with the liberation of the people as it was concerned with the transferring of power to different elites. And the same could be said about the Russian Revolution. Or we could even look at the rise of Hitler’s national socialism, which was not about the liberation of the German people, but about the overriding power of Hitler’s surroundings.

Similarly, today we also see an attempt to overrule democratic states by a relatively new type of elite, the undemocratic bureaucratic European officials. They claim to have the ultimate recipe for the world’s happiness and perfection.  But just as Edmund Burke knew, we know that such panacea does not exist. That is why instead of a social engineering process from top to bottom, a permanent democratic discussion that is pragmatic by nature and which holds honor as a collection of traditional values is highly needed. Opponents of this “unusual” proposal around Europe might say the following: “Please show us a place where such discussion has both taken place and has had a positive effect”. And believe us when we tell you that such a place nowadays is Poland.

But leaving Poland aside for a while and coming back to our main topic, the European Union, we believe that this institution would be priceless indeed so long as its ideals stayed on the right path along with Europe’s traditional values. But at the moment, it would seem almost as if the EU was taking another path, one which is leading to the negative subjection of the individual nation-state members to a larger internal or external hegemony — a characteristic of the aforementioned ideologies.

We clearly believe that the first path of preserving our traditional values is the right one, and the one which we encourage Western Europeans to re-think (because they already had it) about. In this first way, one would recognise a healthy pragmatism that calls for a proper continuity when it comes to progress. And as we said before, neither values nor honour would  have to be replaced or taken away. Most of the time, models of social engineering as well as revolutions, are presented as shortcuts. But all they end up doing is destroying traditional values. It is not allowed then, dear Europeans, to take these sorts of shortcuts. If you do, you  would be becoming a terrorist in essence without realising it.

Without bragging, Poles have not fallen in for this route of shortcuts. But rather patiently, pragmatically, guided by values, without fear, and with honor, they have evolved to the point where they can democratically continue to repair the country by removing the remnants of the alien ideology of communism.

Furthermore, the Poles have done what they committed themselves to do, and guided by mercy towards their perpetrators, they did not punish them. They have concentrated instead in the restoration and the proper redistribution of power, creating a golden harmony between pragmatism and values – honour.

Equality of rights and duties of all citizens is perceived by the Communists – National Socialists – as a punishment. We believe the same problem awaits the European Union bureaucrats if they keep losing contact with society. Prosperity and economic growth of a nation have always depended on the free market, and on the democracy associated with it. This is why the adoption of immigrants must be decided by national democracy and not by EU directives, which are neither pragmatic nor honourable. Because as hard as it is to see, at the end of these bureaucratic decisions which seem good at first instance, we are more likely to encounter a lack of prosperity and war.

After the overthrow of communism in Poland we have lived here like in a postcolonial state, with the Communist activists acting as “mafia-like” groups. The biggest of which is the group of judges and solicitors, which like the Freemasons, the Communists, the Nazis and the EU bureaucracy, put themselves above the law and like Kantians, they place the law over values and honour. Therefore, to cure the disease which the EU is suffering at the moment, it would be of great help if most Europeans read Norman Davies. In this way they would realise that Fascism-Nazism-Communism is the same evil empire which is only differentiated by the social group which they appeal to and the one(s) they attack. 

Europeans, you have to wake up and smell the coffee. We certainly invite you to come to Poland and learn more of the history of our dear country. There will be more.

Your Polish friends,

Armand, Kamil and Szymon Skorupski

Posted by Kamil Skorupski