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Richard Dawkins Deplatforming & The Hist’s Cultural Revolution

Another year, another case of Trinity’s once proud intellectual institutions being subverted by self-serving progressives.  Yesterday, according to the University Times, the College Historical Society, or ‘The Hist’ as they like to brand themselves now, announced that they will ‘not...

/ 28/09/2020

Trinity News Needs to Check its Privilege – and be Defunded

Trinity News has finally gone too far. First published in 1953, what used to be a classic platform for College communication and debate has turned its nose up to the pursuit of truth and has instead opting to chase the...

/ 02/10/2018

The Trinity Philosophical Society Needs to Man Up

It’s official, the Trinity Philosophical Society, or the Phil as everyone likes to call it, has finally lost what little was left of its spine. Its record has been questionable in terms of supporting free debate on the campus of...

/ 20/09/2018