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Quinn Country: The Wrath Of A Slighted Chieftain?

The documentary introduces itself with an image of a forgotten wasteland, the border region. A land of old laws and old customs. A land with no regard for metropolitan laws or liberal opinion. Abandoned by both governments, North and South....

/ 09/02/2023

Debt Forgiveness is an Essential Activity in Lockdown

Restricting one's movements, self-isolation, social distancing, lockdowns; a new matrix of public safety restrictions has rapidly evolved over the past few months.  The new measures have seen labour activity reclassified by the Irish Government as either essential or non-essential. No...

/ 14/10/2020

Why Didn’t the Irish Rebel? Explaining Post-Crash Inertia

The question of how the Irish elite avoided being overthrown, if not publicly hanged, in the aftermath of the Great Recession must surreptitiously linger in the minds of those in the corridors of power to this day. Despite the recent...

/ 22/10/2018