Tag: Privacy

Protonmail in the Dock: Could High Court Set Nasty Precedent on Cyber Anonymity

Cyber hijinks look set to be aired in the High Court shortly, over a legal dispute between a Donegal based engineering firm (DRM Contract Administration) and the Swiss encryption platform Protonmail. Stemming from a refusal by Protonmail’s parent company Proton...

/ 25/08/2021

The New Garda Powers Bill — A Cause for Concern?

The scheme of the proposed Garda Powers Bill was brought to national attention thanks in no small part to the claim that failure to provide a password to an electronic device to Gardaí under warrant will itself constitute an offence,...

/ 16/06/2021

How and Why to be Anonymous Online

An intelligence war is waged in the shadows, not just between different State agencies but also between State agencies and non-State actors, and between two or more non-State actors.  The tools available to national agencies, particularly powerful agencies like GCHQ...

/ 09/06/2021