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The Irish Presidential Election Doesn’t Matter and Distracts Us From Real Issues

A future Irish historian glancing over some of the headlines in the Autumn of 2018 would be surprised at the national fixation with the 2018 Irish Presidential Election. This fixation could have been forgiven had the race been dogged with...

/ 13/10/2018

Michael D. Higgins’ Marxist Philosophical Circus

In his “King Lear,” William Shakespeare writes: “Thou shouldst not have been old till thou hadst been wise.” I cannot think of a public figure in Ireland who exemplifies it better than our old-new presidential candidate Michael D. Higgins. He...

/ 21/08/2018

Kevin Sharkey: An Ireland-First President?

Ultimately however, Kevin Sharkey is at the mercy of mainstream politics for the time being.

/ 09/08/2018