Tag: Political Philosophy

Fr. Denis Fahey: Catholic Ireland’s Forgotten Integralist

“About the 'rights of man' as they are called,the people have heard enough: it is time they should hear of the Rights of God.” –Pope Leo XIII Catholic Ireland and Historical Haze Certain historically prominent ideological positions and their attendant...

/ 30/09/2020

Eduard Limonov: A Late Obituary and Brief Eulogy

It is a cold evening in Moscow. A small group of misfit followers are gathered by an old brutalist style Soviet monument, dedicated to the revolution of 1905. They fly a set of flags, the offensive mixes of blue, black,...

/ 13/05/2020

Book Review: A Conflict of Visions

“It would be good to be able to say that we should dispense with visions entirely, and deal only with reality. But that may be the most utopian vision of all. Reality is far too complex to be comprehended by...

/ 12/12/2017