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A Republic Without Ceremony: Ritual and the Irish State

The mourners massing to slowly shuffle past the remains of Elizabeth the Second in London’s Westminster Hall are drawn by more than just macabre fixation.  A dull wooden box laying in a dusty hall inside a crumbling palace would do...

/ 16/09/2022

Ortega y Gasset: Life After America?

The first part of this reflection on Ortega y Gasset's Revolt of the Masses is available here. Americanisation & the European Masses. The twenty-first century has seen the corruption of national life as a direct consequence of the continued influence...

/ 26/08/2022

A Car Bomb in Moscow: Who Killed Daria Dugin?

Last Saturday evening in Moscow, the daughter of the Russian philosopher and public figure Aleksandr Dugin, Daria “Dasha” Dugina, was killed in a car explosion. With few to no sources claiming that the explosion was purely the result of a...

/ 23/08/2022