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Pádraig Pearse – Warrior Poet

“I am ready. For years I have waited and prayed for this day. We have the most glorious opportunity that has ever presented itself of really asserting ourselves. Such an opportunity may never come again. We have Ireland’s liberty in...

/ 24/04/2023
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Pearse’s Appeal To Irish America For Funding

From The Gaelic American, March 7, 1914. For the first time I appeal to the Irish-American public in the interests of the momentous work for Irish education that has been undertaken at St. Enda’s College. St. Enda’s was founded by me...

/ 21/11/2021

How Pádraig Pearse Imagined Ireland in the Year 2006 (1906)

The following are extracts from a 1906 essay entitled ‘In my Garden’ from the August 4th edition of An Claidheamh Soluis. The full corpus of the magazine archive is freely available and dutifully digitised by means of the Conradh na...

/ 07/02/2021