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Thomas Davis on Patriotism as a Civic Virtue

The following is an extract from the famous patriotic speech given by the Young Ireland founder and nationalist journalist Thomas Davis to Trinity College’s The Hist, of which he was acting president at the time. Typifying the brand of mature...

/ 11/10/2020

Conservatism and The Military Mindset

So what lesson should be learnt from the relative immunity of the military from leftist social engineering, and how could it be applied to other aspects of society?

/ 30/07/2018

A Proposal for a Course on National Studies

What with the “Beast from the East”, the upcoming abortion referendum and the ongoing crises in health and housing, you’ve most likely missed a double celebration of the Irish language that’s languishing at the bottom of the media’s priority list....

/ 15/03/2018

Reviving the Irish Revival

Many years ago, I tried to read Clive Barker’s gargantuan fantasy novel Weaveworld, which centres around a magical world hidden in a carpet. I didn't make it even half-way through its six hundred pages, and I only have a very...

When Even Sports Become Political

If you were hoping to relax and enjoy a nice game of football, beer in hand, chanting the national anthem with your homies to get away from the over-politicised world we now live in, think again. That old flame was...

/ 01/10/2017