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Can Telegram Be Trusted?

Probably every zoomer reading this article had their mother or grandmother voice their comments regarding the amount of disappointment he has brought onto their family.  Unfortunately, their old minds are too ignorant to comprehend the concept of a sigma male,...

/ 03/08/2022

VPN vs TOR for Political Dissidents

The history of virtual private networks (VPNs) can be dated back to 1996, when a Microsoft employee developed a peer-to-peer tunnelling protocol (PPTP). Work on related technology, IPsec, however, was going on for a couple of years at that point...

/ 01/08/2022

Why Political Dissidents Should Avoid ProtonMail

Imagine that you gave birth to a true masterpiece, a meme so good you must share it with your epic, based, and redpilled friends. But, since the day you first read about online you have been wielding a vendetta against...

/ 20/05/2022