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‘Irish Ireland’ – D.P. Moran and The Leader

Let us begin with the comments section from a Youtube video of Michael D. Higgins' presidential inauguration in 2011, the moment when the national anthem is played and many of the participants sang along with varying degrees of commitment and...

/ 20/08/2020

Has Eurofederalism Hit a Legal Roadbump?

On May 5th the German Constitutional Court did what was unthinkable to Europhiles everywhere, and ignored the claims of the CJEU that European law is superior to National law. Before we consider the implications of this ruling, we should first...

/ 27/05/2020

The Necessity of the Irish Nation-State

I find truth in the observation that from the 1960’s onwards the scholars and thinkers of Ireland, and those unfortunate enough to unwittingly consume their opinions, elevated the external and the imported over the domestic and native. Persuaded by the...

/ 13/02/2019