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Are the Taliban Burkean Conservatives?

A Historicist Revolt in Jurisprudence “The Guilty Have No Past” – Death in June Edmund Burke’s ‘Reflections on the Revolution in France’ cemented, in the eyes of conventional scholars and lay people alike, his place as the father of modern...

/ 22/08/2021

French Generals Issue Warning to Macron Regime

The following is a translation of a now notorious letter penned by 24 retired French generals, as well as 80 colonels and captains this week warning the Macron government of the need to clamp down on Islamism. Co-signed by a...

/ 28/04/2021

Ali Damache: How a Convicted Islamist Overthrew Irish Citizenship Laws

Much has been made of the recent Supreme Court decision declaring unconstitutional provisions of the 1956 Nationality and Citizenship Act, a case which saw the Courts deny the withdrawal of an Algerian-born convicted terrorist’s Irish citizenship, so that he can...

/ 12/02/2021