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SANTRY PROTEST: Gardaí Irreparably Damage Local Reputation

This evening a protest, numbering up to 200 people, was held by the local community in Santry, North Dublin. Protestors gathered on the Turnapin road outside the Industrial Airways Estate to voice concern and disapproval for the Irish government’s decision...

/ 27/05/2023

Keelings: or How to Lose Friends and Infect People

As Ireland enters into the second month of its quarantine outrage has emerged at the importation of Bulgarian labour by the Ballyboughal-registered fruit company Keelings.  Announced over the past 24 hours, it has been revealed that the company had chartered...

/ 17/04/2020

The Policy of Mass Immigration is Incompatible with Sustainable Housing

The most well-known political issue in Ireland today is the housing crisis. A crisis of an overcrowded rental and property market, with record breaking rip-off prices. A crisis exacerbated by the continued expansion of luxury tourist accommodation as opposed to...

/ 05/12/2019