Tag: Immigration Crisis

Keelings: or How to Lose Friends and Infect People

As Ireland enters into the second month of its quarantine outrage has emerged at the importation of Bulgarian labour by the Ballyboughal-registered fruit company Keelings.  Announced over the past 24 hours, it has been revealed that the company had chartered...

/ 17/04/2020

The Policy of Mass Immigration is Incompatible with Sustainable Housing

The most well-known political issue in Ireland today is the housing crisis. A crisis of an overcrowded rental and property market, with record breaking rip-off prices. A crisis exacerbated by the continued expansion of luxury tourist accommodation as opposed to...

/ 05/12/2019

Oughterard and What Comes Next

In the small Galway village of Oughterard, locals are celebrating the reversal of a decision to establish a Direct Provision centre in their locality at the Connemara Gateway Hotel. The reversal came as a result of their round-the-clock protest centred...

/ 05/10/2019