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When Wilhelm Reich Inspired Solar Cults in Roscommon

"Deformity in Conformity, I Found This, I Found This" “Sorel […] reproached Maurras for being too democratic, a reproach which, at first glance, can appear paradoxical. In reality, what Sorel wanted to say is that Maurras, positivist and intellectualist, had...

/ 02/05/2021

The Glorious Day Of Clontarf

The following is an extract from A. M. Sullivan's Story of Ireland (1883) recounting the Irish victory at Clontarf on this day in 1014. The High King of Ireland Brian Boru soon became fully aware of the scheme at which...

/ 23/04/2021

James “Lugs” Branigan: Lessons from An Era of Paternal Policing

At his retirement dinner in 1973, Chief Superintendent of the Gardaí Patrick Malone — a man not known for exaggerated statements — described Branigan as “one of those people who become a legend in their own time”. Born in 1910...

/ 08/04/2021