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Poland Court Ruling Shows EU Going Beyond Its Legal Authority

Poland’s Constitutional Court ruling that European law does not always hold supremacy over national law is not what the fear-mongering commentariat deem it to be. When Poland brought about an attempt to reform its Communist-era judicial system, the European Courts...

/ 14/10/2021

Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict: Interview from the Inside

Armen Kaprelian is a 26-year-old Armenian national who having completed a Master’s in Economics has returned to his native home Armenia. Armen is currently working as a Research assistant for the Ministry of the Economy for the Republic of Armenia....

/ 01/11/2020

Conservatives Should Care About the Decline of the Centre Left

In covering international affairs over the past year the Irish mainstream media has almost exclusively focused on the fallout from the Brexit referendum and Donald Trump’s three ring circus in Washington. You could be forgiven for thinking there was little...

/ 15/11/2017