Tag: Class

The Progressive Aristocracy: Ornate Titles as a Form of Prestige-Signalling

When our ruling-class wants to identify someone that’s a member of what they deem as a protected group, they are noticeably quite conscious of the words they use. Not only that, they are conscious of the amount of words used,...

/ 26/04/2022

High-Low against the Middle-Globalism’s Moral Model

In my last article on the moral trichotomy, I ended with the line, “the master moralist will triumph in this world, the servant moralist will triumph in the next, while the slave moralist will triumph in their heads”. I hoped...

/ 24/07/2021

The Protestant Reformation was a Revolution of the Rich against the Poor

To the average person, when asked what the Protestant Reformation was all about, they will usually give some answer about how the Catholic Church just became too powerful, or how it caused the religious wars of the 17th century. Which...

/ 24/11/2020