Category: Politics

Electability Lost, Principle Regained

The recent controversy surrounding Tory grandee Jacob Rees-Mogg was illustrative of the difficulties which the issue of abortion presents to pro-life people who wish to advance politically, but it also pointed to how such figures can re-assert moral principles which...

/ 16/09/2017

Promoting Economic Freedom in Ireland: Challenges and Opportunities

When it comes to economics, we are regularly told by voices on the political left that, since the foundation of the state, Ireland has been dominated by two right-wing political parties and that it is high time that the country’s...

/ 15/09/2017

We Need a Genuine Abortion Debate in Ireland

Pardon the pun, but I could write this entire article about the misconceptions circling the abortion debate in Ireland right now.  Tune in to the mainstream media for even the shortest time and you’ll get the impression that every last...

/ 15/09/2017