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Arthur Griffith and the National System of Political Economy

“Brushing aside the fallacies of Adam Smith and his tribe, List points out that between the individual and humanity stands, and must continue to stand, a great fact – the nation.” – Arthur Griffith, ‘The Resurrection of Hungary’ International Ideology...

/ 16/08/2020

Review: TFW NO GF: Scapegoating and Alienation in Late Stage Liberalism

Incel: The Career of a Concept  A spectre is haunting women, the spectre of the incel. Ironically coined by a woman, the term incel was invented in 1993, merely two years after the World Wide Web became available to the...

/ 20/05/2020

Normal People: Lecherous Chad-Worshipping Fantasies on Full Display

I expected to detest Sally Rooney’s ‘Normal People’.  Arguably the most successful Irish writer of the 2010’s, her works have captured a key demographic: millennial women; not to forget the wine-gulping, perennially depressed older generations, vicariously re-living their spent youth...

/ 10/05/2020