Britain’s spooks are not the only ones playing an underhanded game, as court documents have emerged in the United States, showing the history of FBI involvement with the Neo-Nazi terror network Atomwaffen Division. 

Atomwaffen, a long-time favoured fear-mongering tool of the media , was founded on the website Iron March (itself a honeypot akin to Stormfront) in the late 2010’s, and was supposed to have been the next generation of the likes of C18 or National Action with an updated fashy-chic aesthetic.

While some members have been held for involvement in murders, the group has not posed the existential threat it was believed to have been and the previously hysteric media has become awkwardly silent.

Tracts of the court documents revealed this week showing heavy FBI penetration of the terrorist group

Joshua Caleb Sutter has been named as the leader of the Atomwaffen Division and a paid FBI informant since the early 2000s. Sutter supposedly received remuneration of $82,000 beginning in 2018 to infiltrate and lead Atomwaffen. It has been alleged that Sutter used illegal psychedelics on a suicidal and mentally unwell teenagers, and other nefarious means to manipulate those in their teens and twenties, in his goal to turn Atomwaffen Division into a household name for terrorism a la ISIS.

Sutter’s other affiliations with the Order of Nine Angels and publishing house Martinet Press, are also quite shady. The O9A is a Satanic group originating in England during the 1960s and functions as an anarchist-satanist collective, eschewing authority or morality, with members being involved in black rituals including murders and rapes. 

A printing company, Martinet House is also alleged to have promulgated materials which promotes child abuse, rape, and murder. When Sutter’s involvement with Atomwaffen came under pressure and members left smelling a rat, the FBI “were able to assuage fears of heat being brought their way by telling what was left of the group — as many quit when Sutter and others transformed it into a satanic organization — that all press is good press.” 

Martinet Press, a publishing house revealed to be bankrolled by FBI specialising in occult texts

Sutter is alleged by some to have organised a national meeting in Nevada using FBI funding, where he drugged and took advantage of a suicidal 18-year old boy named Richard Tobin. It has been alleged that an FBI agent acting undercover had been the one to supply Tobin with drugs.

The FBI’s pernicious campaign to portray the relatively edgy-but-useless Atomwaffen Division as a threat to democracy was recently the subject of a report by the Office of the Inspector General in the US, stating that many FBI employees had maintained unwarranted contact with the media which broke FBI ethics guidelines. 

The use of illicit substances and the targeting of the mentally unwell for recruitment and manipulation holds with the self-description of many of its members, who are generally scrawny and weird, including one who described himself as a “Salafist national-socialist” and looks how you would have expected.

Atomwaffen Division - Wikipedia

As readers of this publication will be aware from previous reporting here and here on the nature of the media’s relationship with the intelligence agencies, we are sure that our readers will also remember a British documentary detailing “Atomwaffen” and “The Base” (another neonazi terrorist organisation, this time led by a FBI agent)  and their recruitment methods on the websites Ironmarch and Fascistforge (before their deletion), both sites of which were Fed-run honeypots, where overly enthusiastic crusading avengers in the media identified admins and posters on the forum, likely inadvertently unearthing State-agents given the lack of any subsequent conviction or follow up.

A member of Atomwaffen ostensibly spent a number of days in Ireland after their refusal of entry into Germany, with the media here reporting his return to the States shortly after.

As we have seen with the case of Liam Campbell, or Britain’s running of the Glennane Gang among others, Western intelligence agencies are willing to bend the rules and use any and all immoral methods at their disposal to crush dissent; to conflate genuine nationalist-right dissent, with impotent honeypots filled with State-paid Satanist paedophiles.

The silence of those supposed to “hold power to account” is deafening.

Posted by Eoin Corcoran

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  1. Just had an ol’ search of google, duckduckgo, and bing. I can’t find any reasonably short and intuitive combination of words to bring this story to the first search page. Stories on Atomwaffen from 2017-18 (before this story) are the most common search results. I found this information via telegram.


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