Luke O’Neill, Ryan Tubridy’s answer to Bill Nye the Pseudo-Science Guy, is not new to comically sad stunts. Showing how a mask stops him from unleashing elderly spittle into some cryogenic liquid will go down in infamy as one of the most cringe-inducing moments of the pandemic. Made all the worse by the awe with which forty-year olds held it as an act of common sense. All I’m waiting on is for him to be described as a ‘rockstar’ and then I’ll have my bingo.

Mr. O’Neill’s newest trick seems to be fusing hyperbole and hypocrisy. According to the Irish Times (I refuse to listen to Claire Byrne where the comment were made) last December, Mr. O’Neill said he would be “the first in line” to get the vaccine. “We should all line up […] This is a very dangerous virus, we need to remember that all the time.”

Similarly in an interview on Newstalk in the September before that, Mr O’Neill recommended that people “trust the science” and that it would be “your choice” to not take one, but went on to state in the most petulant attempt at fear-mongering, that in France the unvaccinated are not allowed to attend school. In Mr. O’Neill’s book (“Never mind the bollocks here’s the science”) he allegedly states: “if all else fails, we might need to make it illegal not to vaccinate.”

He seems like a True Believer then, doesn’t he? Which makes his decision to refuse an offer of vaccination all the more strange, as he admitted on RTÉ Radio One. It was (as it always is) shrouded in an attempt to portray oneself as selfless (how he “wasn’t on the front lines”) — because when there’s “a very dangerous virus”, the rational thing to do as an elderly man is to refuse it. 

Almost Christ-like.

Posted by Donnachadh O'Neill


  1. Luke O’Neill is not Ireland’s answer to Bill Nye. Like anyone, Luke O’Neill comes out with bull at times but he has expertise in the areas he talks about and he has a nice encouraging personality, unlike Nye or the prophets of doom in NPHET. There are much worse


  2. Where is the link to him say he refused the virus? You posted the same link twice.


  3. The Real Fianna 23/04/2021 at 6:52 am

    A more fitting title for his retarded book should be

    Heres the bollocks nevermind the science.

    I would not blame any individual for not wanting to take vaccines that has killed and maimed people. Blood clots, bells palsy? potential death? No need for it. Not worth the risk.

    The only virus there has been is make believe nonsense right from the start.

    The irish government should be ashamed of themselves relying on EU bureaucracy to give them the go ahead to approve and promote highly dangerous medical interventions to be pumped into gullible citizens (big pharma lab mice) who RTE have been scaring for months on end with moronic propaganda that has ultimately only made big pharma more wealthy, and conditioned people into thinking house arrest is normal. The new normal. It is nothing but ignorance to believe in everything from the state broadcaster. The lack of leadership and intellectual ability from the elected dimwits that are called government has been no surprise at all, they are dumb idiots, yet have massive salaries. It seems the dumber you are in government, the higher the salary. Strange as hell it is.

    People would want to start waking the fuck up and start reading about agenda 2030, event 201, lockstep etc.

    People would also want to start refusing to take any medical intervention.

    Turn off RTE and do some real research.

    We are all in this together? NO you are fucking not. Baaa Baaaa Sheep. The vaccination companies have billions already from the scamdemic.


  4. Never liked the guy. I just don’t trust anybody that peppy.


  5. Eoin Ó Fátharta 23/04/2021 at 1:14 pm

    All the vaccines involve the use of cell lines taken from aborted unborn children – nobody with any moral fibre should take them for that reason alone! Regardless of the consequences from refusing the vax – including being barred from society with the vax passports – people need to remain resolute and stand against this!

    Ná géill don rialtas!


  6. That evil creep O’Neill needs to be given a mega dose of vintage Astra-Zeneca, preferably up the hole, the plonker.


  7. You might not like the guy, but his argument for not accepting the vaccine when it was offered was the ethical choice in my opinion.

    Front-line healthcare workers were prioritized ahead of the medically vulnerable population because of their increased risk of exposure by working the front-line. However thousands of non front-line in the way that most people would understand the term received vaccines. We were vaccinating young healthy people because they worked a job very loosely related to healthcare and very low risk of exposure ahead of elderly people with a real risk of death from the covid-19. I think Luke and his team here made the very ethical choice the recognize that the vaccine rollout program could not be endlessly specific and not prioritize them ahead of vulnerable people so they made the correct personal decision to allow those more in need first.

    His whole lab apart from those who actually attend hospitals declined the early vaccine access, but I am sure they will accept the offer when they are offered it as part of the roll out to the general public.


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