On August 22, 2018, Germany’s Foreign Minister Heiko Maas published an important article in the ‘Handelsblatt’ with a telling title ‘Making Plans For A New World Order.’ He writes: “Only by joining forces with France and other European nations can a balance with the US be achieved.” His words correspond with President’s Macron concept of ‘concentric circles,’ which is just a rehash of old Paneuropa geopolitical concepts.

Minister Maas confirms that Germany wants to use the EU as a tool of German dominance in Europe: “The European Union must become a cornerstone of the international order a partner for all those who are committed to it. She is predestined for this, because compromise and balance lie in her DNA,” – said the Foreign Minister of a country who, in September 2015, unilaterally made a decision to let millions of illegal migrants into to the EU, violating EU and even German law.  A report written by the German parliament’s legal experts has found that Merkel’s decision had no legal grounds and that it was the role of the German parliament to decide on it.

Earlier, in his interview for DuMont Medienhaus, Minister Maas said: “We made mistakes in the past because we left the Italians to cope with this problem on their own. That destroyed a great deal of trust and we cannot allow that to happen again. Germany therefore has to make it especially clear now that we’re contributing to a European solution.”

Dressed as moralistic language, his statement reflects the total failure of the German government’s program “Your country. Your future. Now!” This is on top of “Jump-Start Plus” migrants return program, in which Germany promised their 115,000 unwanted migrants from North Africa that they would pay them €3000 if they leave Germany voluntarily.

What the German Foreign Office is really saying is this: ‘We made a mistake that we didn’t force other countries to take illegal and unwanted migrants that we had invited. That destroyed a great deal of trust in investing in Germany and we cannot allow German competitiveness to deteriorate. As we have no clue how to get rid of these illegal migrants, other countries must now take them from Germany who therefore has to make it especially clear now that EU laws, treaties, and even Bundestag’s own legal procedures count for nothing if German Foreign Office cannot use them to punish the likes of Hungary, Poland or Britain.’

That the whole migration scandal has nothing to do with Merkel’s alleged empathy for the plight of Africans or Arabs, and has everything to do with German demographic and labour problems, is perhaps best exemplified by Angela Merkel callously telling, on public TV, a crying Lebanese teenager with fluent German that she couldn’t stay in Germany – before the Tsarina of Europe made a decision to let in hundreds of thousands of much less benign migrants with no German, no qualifications, no work ethic and no peaceful intentions. Last year, according to German Federal Criminal Office, foreigners murdered 83 Germans – that’s more than four times the number of Israelis killed in 2017, even though there is no military conflict in Germany.

About Victor Orbán – the first politician in the EU who actively acted to stop the illegal Muslim mass-migration (in contrast, in March 2015, Greece’s defence minister Panos Kammenos threatened to flood the EU with Jihadists if Greece didn’t receive more money) – Minister Maas has this to say: “If Orbán wants the migration flows to abate, then he should realise that combating the causes would be an important contribution.” As if it wasn’t German but Hungarian government who had just set new record for exporting arms – mainly to Algeria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates; German tanks were also used by Turkey in Syria.

Admittedly, Mr Maas’s comments triggered a lukewarm reaction from Chancellor Merkel who called it an “expression of opinion.” First of all, because she didn’t appreciate his premature candour, and secondly, because there has been some tensions between the CDU (Merkel) and SPD (Maas) over the transatlantic relationship. However, tensions between CDU and SPD regarding the transatlantic relationship or tensions between CDU and Bavarian CSU related to German migration policy have hitherto not resulted in any fundamental foreign policy change.

The traditional German parties have the same foreign policy in mind: either to transform NATO into a German-French gendarmerie or to replace it with a German-French European army. This seems to be the reason why Germans have tolerated for so long dinosaurs like the Common Agricultural Policy, of which France is the single largest beneficiary, followed by Spain and Germany – in order to take over the French nuclear weapons, a goal recently expressed quite openly.

German ambitions to use the EU as its tool are clearly visible in the ongoing German interference in Poland’s election process, no matter what party rules the German Foreign Office. These interventions are not limited to Germany owning ¾ of Polish press titles – which results in Germany launching legal proceedings against Poland based on complaints of some Polish celebrities directly paid by Germany.

Some examples are journalist Tomasz Lis, who appeared on German TV as the victim of the oppressive government (in fact, he was sacked for using a made-up quote from President Duda daughter’s fake Twitter account just before the election), or Malgorzata Gersdorf – a former Supreme Court Judge (in the 1970s, an activist of the communist student organisation), who is a frequent guest in Germany and complains about the rule of law in Poland, even though she didn’t defend the rule of law when Donald Tusk’s political party (a politician whose entire early career was financed by Germany) violated the constitution by appointing new members of the Constitutional Tribunal before the justices’ terms were up.

Far more dangerous are German attempts to overthrow the democratically elected government, such as Angela Merkel’s closed meeting with the ‘Polish’ opposition in the German Embassy in Warsaw in February 2017, that is with Donald Tusk’s PO (Civil Platform) political party which sprang from German-funded KLD (Liberal-Democratic Congress), or German Defence Minister Ursula von Layen’s interview for ZDF, in which she announced that her Office would support the political opposition in Poland. These attempts have been partly successful, as after the cabinet reshuffle in December 2017, the new Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki is a lot softer on Germany than his predecessor Beata Szydlo was (i.e. recently he agreed to let in Germany as an observer to the Three Seas Initiative).

German interference in foreign politics is nothing new – in 1973, the German Social-Democrats (SPD) not only founded – through Friedrich Ebert Foundation – the Portuguese Socialist Party but even trained its leaders in Germany.

Germany’s attempt to revive old Paneuropa plans are by no means limited to Germany’s neighbours like Poland. We have to remember that it was Germany who forced the Irish taxpayers to take on the debt obligations of 64 billion euros, an amount corresponding to nearly 40 percent of Irish GNP, and that last year, Germany’s SPD pressed for the German parliament to block Ireland’s plan for an early repayment of bailout loans totalling €5.5 billion a plan that might have saved €150 million in interest payments by refinancing the bailout loans in international debt markets.

Last but not least, Germany is at the forefront of gender mainstreaming and the sexualisation of children – few people know that global trends in this field, including in WHO or UNESCO, are shaped by German institutes such the Formation of Normative Orders in Frankfurt or the Centre for Globalisation and Governance in Hamburg, while the German Federal Agency for Civic Education issues guidelines on what every ‘progressive’ and ‘enlightened’ European should think on topics like Muslim migration into the EU or the state of democracy in Poland.

In October, the Heinrich Böll Foundation (linked with the German Green Party – the same party which advocated the legalisation of sex with children and which advocates Muslim mass-migration into Europe) will be coming to Dublin for a weekend of the ‘refugee leaders training.’  This is the extent to which they interfere in the politics of other nations, you have been warned.

Posted by Grzegorz Kolodziej