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Toward a National Economic System-Arthur Griffith

Extracts from a syndicated 1905 speech by Arthur Griffith on the subject of Friedrich List and the cultivation of the national economy in Ireland. This text and others has been dutifully resurrected by the recently launched nationalist archive An Cartlann....

/ 06/06/2021

Why The Good Friday Agreement Will Fail

“Secular liberals and socialists expected tribal passions would gradually disappear, while improved means of communication and a better scientific understanding of the universe would take its place. But it turned out not to be so.” - Leszek Kolakowski Ireland’s Fukuyama...

/ 07/02/2019

Welcome to the Metrostate

Just over one hundred years ago, Patrick Pearse famously stepped out of Dublin’s GPO to read the Proclamation to a somewhat bemused Dublin populace. Pearse’s reading of the Proclamation is generally viewed as the founding act of a new independent...

/ 12/09/2018