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TCDSU Has a Problem With the Concept of Restraint

College students have a vast variety of traits they’re famous for. Most of these fall under remit of the classic Seven Deadly Sins. You know; gluttony, lust, sloth, that sort of thing. Of course, they’re also known for being annoying...

/ 08/11/2018

Love Éire, Keep Blasphemy, Vote No – But Not For Why You Think

Ireland is changing. Ireland is changing from what used to be a nation of small, rural communities into something akin to a satellite nation of the United States and the greater anglosphere, with all the trinkets and trappings of American...

/ 24/10/2018

Why Jordan Peterson is Wrong

With Professor Peterson’s recent return to Dublin, we’re given an opportunity to re-examine some of the ideas he put forth during his last visit. The Peterson/Harris debate on the 14th of July cost me roughly €70. Not a small sum...

/ 23/10/2018

RTÉ is Useless – Defund it and Let the Market Decide

Nobody likes RTÉ television. I mean nobody. If you ever bothered to ask anyone about the station (and let’s face it, you never have or will), the only response you’d get is a shoulder shrug and maybe, just maybe, “ah...

/ 11/10/2018

Trinity News Needs to Check its Privilege – and be Defunded

Trinity News has finally gone too far. First published in 1953, what used to be a classic platform for College communication and debate has turned its nose up to the pursuit of truth and has instead opting to chase the...

/ 02/10/2018

The Trinity Philosophical Society Needs to Man Up

It’s official, the Trinity Philosophical Society, or the Phil as everyone likes to call it, has finally lost what little was left of its spine. Its record has been questionable in terms of supporting free debate on the campus of...

/ 20/09/2018

Why Career Landlords and Fine Gael Love #TakeBackTheCity

‘TakeBackTheCity’ almost looks like controlled opposition. It is a group that pretends to be trying to challenge the likes of large property developers, but is instead cementing their positions, both in Dublin and Ireland as a whole. In fact there...

/ 16/09/2018

The Fresh Guide to Freshers Week

Yo, Fresh. Congratulations on getting your Fresh rear through the Leaving Cert and into your first Fresh year of being a Fresh in college. Fresh, right? But you're probably wondering what you're getting into. What is college life all about?...

/ 04/09/2018

Ireland: The Land of Sin and Cynicism

Last week, I had the pleasure of talking to presidential hopeful Kevin Sharkey about the problems this island faces now and in the future. Unfortunately, due to having to keep the article to a readable length, a whole range of...

/ 13/08/2018

MAGA through Manga: How Japanese Media has Fueled the Western Right

Anime has become the spearhead of a major cultural shift.

/ 05/08/2018