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Why I Left the Left

Even as I start to write this article, I feel that the title of it is slightly misleading. To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, who when asked why he left the Democratic Party to become a Republican, replied “I didn’t leave the...

/ 15/02/2019

The Sex Industry Debate: Individual Rights vs Society

‘My body, my choice’ and ‘my life, my decision.’ These are slogans that we have heard or even uttered ourselves for decades. But when it comes to matters such as prostitution, pornography, and other roles in the adult entertainment industry,...

/ 30/01/2019

It’s Misogyny That’s Toxic, Not Masculinity

Last October, a joint report by the New York Times and the New Yorker ousted Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein as a prolific rapist and sexual harasser that committed several grave offences over a staggering thirty-year period. Famous actresses from Ashley...

/ 01/10/2018