Tag: Ethnicity

What Sort of Nationalist Are You?

Nationalism has made somewhat of a resurgence in the past decade, which was arguably caused by the internet opening up the floodgates to unorthodox opinions—although some may argue it was just a natural backlash against multiculturalism. With a growing number...

/ 09/02/2021

Israel and the Occupied Territories Bill: Defending Against Replacement

The Occupied Territories Bill has passed the second stage of voting in the Dáil, with 78 votes in favour and 45 against. It was originally proposed by independent senator Frances Black and has since passed through the Seanad and come...

/ 28/01/2019

A Case Study in Journalistic Dishonesty

On the 16th of January, thejournal.ie published an article titled ‘FactCheck: Does this tweet show the decline of the 'ethnic Irish' population from 2040 onward?’ This article is worth analysing as a case study for two reasons. The first is...

/ 25/01/2019