The very fact that someone can study for a degree in ‘gender studies’ is proof in and of itself that Cultural Marxists have Western universities by the throat. In essence ‘gender studies’ are centred around postmodern deconstructionism with the intent of empowering women, and also unfortunately various sexual deviants.

Thankfully, the day has come when ‘gender studies’ itself is finally being deconstructed. The Hungarian government has banned it from being taught at state universities. This is an excellent move, because why should the taxpayer fund useless degrees with no merit in the real world? It is the equivalent of asking the public to fund degrees in Elven literature – and far more harmful too, because the students might believe what they’re taught.

Viktor Orban announced that his government would enact a policy first proposed last year: to abolish ‘gender studies’ programmes at Hungarian universities. The only two universities with Gender Studies Departments are both in Budapest – the George Soros backed Central European University, and Eötvös Loránd University, founded in 1635. This makes Hungary the only country in the EU which doesn’t allow Queer Theory to be taught and billed to the taxpayer.

The Hungarian government is also beautifully honest about why they want rid of it:

“The subject of the discipline goes against everything the government thinks about human beings,” Bence Retvari, the Minister for Human Resources told the Hungarian parliament last year. “Gender studies – similar to Marxism-Leninism – can be called an ideology rather than a science, and therefore it is doubtful that it attains the scientific level expected for a university degree.”

They also made the point that the subject contributes nothing of value to Hungary, as it effectively churns out unemployable graduates who believe the world is out to oppress them. That cohort will eventually have to go abroad if they want any hope of getting a job – and even then, very few organisations will hire them.

So, if clear-sighted and wise Hungary – a nation with a bright future with minimal economic or demographic threats – sees ‘gender studies’ as a useless and harmful degree, well why do we have it here in Ireland?

In some form or another, you can get a degree within the umbrella of ‘gender studies’ at every major university in Ireland. I asked why we have this disease of a degree here, but given the incompetence and socially destructive inclinations of our government; that question probably doesn’t need to be answered.

Instead, I shall make the case against it and other similarly useless/dangerous degrees.

Adding to the Hungarian government’s succinct criticisms of ‘gender studies,’ I would note that the societal damage it is capable of wreaking is another issue entirely. Not only do we have the entire socio-cultural media sphere bombarding us with the idea of gender and sexual orientation being important and that those who aren’t straight, white, and male are oppressed – but to teach it at university takes it to another level entirely.

The theories behind modern feminism, gender and the Cultural Marxist ideology are treated as if they are reasonable, valuable and based on fact. Which is blatantly untrue of course. Therefore the many poor unfortunates – mostly women – who take these degrees, leave university with a completely twisted worldview.

A worldview in which systemic societal oppression is responsible for all ills, where being monogamous and getting married are bad things. Not to mention the belief that the traditional family is a structure of the imagined oppressive system, and so having children is bad too. On top of that, men and masculinity are seen negatively.

Don’t get me wrong, the economic and social structure of our modern Western society is oppressive in many ways – but not because it cares about your gender. Simply because the system and its tools care about nothing other than itself and its continued existence. To construe the structural flaws of modern Western society as based on gender oppression is one of the more idiotic conspiracy theories that my ears had the misfortune to be graced with.

According to a Hungarian professor from Soros’ Central European University, ‘gender studies’ are perceived by opponents to encourage the weakening and feminising of men and the masculinising of women. I can’t imagine why.

Amusingly, in Sweden, the country most taken with gender as a legitimate societal study, a study has been published utterly debunking the value of such degrees. Researchers Guy Madison & Therese Söderlund published a study showing that those with such degrees, and those teaching them, were far more likely to be biased and less frequently use empirical evidence.

Given the sheer obviousness of the uselessness and indeed harm posed by allowing students to study this dangerous ideological pseudoscience, surely the only logical way forward would be for universities to stop teaching it? I wouldn’t hold my breath.

On the topic of useless studies in universities, UCD launched its ‘black studies’ module this year. In regards this module they say: “With increasing interest in Black studies across the world, this module will help non-Blacks comprehend what living as a person of Black African descent can entail.”

And yes, you guessed it, they’ll be studying Hollywood popcorn flick Black Panther as part of the module. A very in-depth, cultured and scientific module no doubt. We can just be glad they aren’t teaching it as a degree. Yet.

In short, not only do these useless studies cost the taxpayer money, with no reward to Irish society – they actually damage it. Thousands of students will spend massive amounts of money learning things that will never help them get a job, and leave them with an utterly twisted, ideologically biased, worldview. These subjects don’t even have the courtesy of culturing their students like a traditional arts degree.

For the sake of our students, our taxpayers and our society:

Let’s get rid of them.

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