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Airstrip One: The Slow Death of Freedom in the UK

What is happening in the UK is terrifying. No, I’m not talking about Brexit, the event that has gripped news media and turned it into a frenzy. I’m referring to far more important matters. Matters that, if left unchecked, will...

/ 08/05/2019

Doctor Who and How Social Justice Ruins Stories

What does it mean to beat a dead horse? Some of you reading this may believe that this article is doing just that, hitting on a topic that had been covered heavily by media back when the first episode of...

/ 14/01/2019

Theresa May and the Brexit Betrayal

The political fault lines within the Tory party on EU membership and increased European integration have been the scourge of the party since the halcyon days of Thatcher.  The greatest exercise in the history of British democracy; the Brexit referendum,...

/ 13/12/2018