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Who’s funding the Irish Trans Industry? —TENI’s Ambiguous Accounting

The past decade has witnessed a renaissance for Irish trans activism culminating in the Gender Recognition Act of 2015, which arguably effectuated the world’s most permissive transgender recognition regime. Facilitating ‘self-recognition’ with no questions asked for individuals over the age...

/ 14/01/2021

An Ghaeilge agus Anam na hÉireann

Beagnach ceithre scór bliain ó shin, i 1943 ar Lá Fhéile Phádraig, chraol Raidió Éireann an óráid iomráitach úd 'I dTaobh Teanga agus An Náisiúin Éireannaigh' (On Language and the Irish Nation). Ba é ó Thaoiseach na linne, Éamon de...

/ 08/01/2021

LGB Alliance Ireland and Ireland’s New TERF Wars

Few could have ignored the sanguinary factional dispute among Irish progressives during the past few weeks over the apparent emergence of liberal TERF groups dedicated to overthrowing Ireland’s inordinately lax transgender laws. Not ones to take political dissonance lightly, the...

/ 15/11/2020