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Who’s funding the Irish Trans Industry? —TENI’s Ambiguous Accounting

The past decade has witnessed a renaissance for Irish trans activism culminating in the Gender Recognition Act of 2015, which arguably effectuated the world’s most permissive transgender recognition regime. Facilitating ‘self-recognition’ with no questions asked for individuals over the age...

/ 14/01/2021

Books Depicting Children Performing Sex Acts Removed from Cork City Libraries after Complaints

The Burkean can report today of the removal of the controversial book “Beyond Magenta” from Cork City Libraries after complaints by local parents.  Written by the author Susan Kuklin, the book centres around the experiences of transgender children communicated through...

/ 07/08/2020

Minister Zappone’s Position of ‘Not Dictating’ Represents a Threat to Civil Society

On Thursday, 31 August, representatives of the Catholic Church in Ireland, including Archbishop Eamon Martin, and the Archbishop of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin, met with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and other senior members of Cabinet. The meeting was part of the “structured...

/ 25/09/2017