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Who’s funding the Irish Trans Industry? —TENI’s Ambiguous Accounting

The past decade has witnessed a renaissance for Irish trans activism culminating in the Gender Recognition Act of 2015, which arguably effectuated the world’s most permissive transgender recognition regime. Facilitating ‘self-recognition’ with no questions asked for individuals over the age...

/ 14/01/2021

BitChute Removes Extremist Content in Partnership With Hope Not Hate

To the shock of many the alt tech platform Bitchute has commenced removing what it deems to be extremist content under the auspices of a report commissioned by the UK anti-racist organisation Hope Not Hate.  Founded in 2017 as an...

/ 13/12/2020

How Much Was Una Mullally Paid As Part of State LGBT Quango?

To chorus calls decrying cronyism and state-sponsored nepotism, Irish Times journalist Una Mullaly was announced by the then Minister for Children Katherine Zappone to be appointed as Chair of the LGBT National Youth Strategy Committee in December 2016. A new...

/ 22/11/2020