Galway People Before Profit Embroiled in Yet Another MeToo Scandal

Note: This article was amended on the 8th of April to clarify aspects of the legal disputes which have and are occurring as well as individuals involved. The world and NUIG in particular woke up to yet another MeToo scandal...

/ 07/04/2021

Students Mobilise Against NUIGSU Deplatforming Proposals

A small mercy existent hitherto on Irish campuses has been the dearth of hate speech regulations. While your garden variety anarcho-communist or trot SU official could foam at the mouth at the activities or even existence of a publication like...

/ 19/03/2021

Young People Need Options Other Than Traditional Universities

It’s that time of the year again. The summer is over, and more than 200,000 third-level students here are preparing to start another academic year. Some have recently expressed surprised at the slight decrease in the number of applicants who...

/ 06/09/2018