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Sinn Féin Abandons Northern Nationalists

You would be forgiven for thinking that nothing has happened in the North for the last week, given the myopic nature of the southern media’s coverage of issues in the North. It took the worst night of rioting the North...

/ 10/04/2021

The North : Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Republican activist Des Dalton recently drew both praise and ire from active Republicans for his statement regarding the continuing armed campaign by various groups. And while there has been some discussion on the topic of the justification (or lack thereof)...

/ 28/03/2021

Siol na hÉireann: Jim Dowson’s Irish Chicanery?

Jim Dowson — The Man and the Controversy A stalwart of loyalist street activism since the 1990s, Jim Dowson is perhaps the last person on planet earth that should be associated with Irish nationalism. For those fortunate never to have...

/ 14/09/2020