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Arrests Made After Anti-Lockdown Protestors Briefly Blockade Dublin Port

11 arrests were made yesterday afternoon following attempts by anti-lockdown protestors to blockade Dublin Port. At 2pm an ensemble of non-aligned protestors gathered on O’Connell Bridge shortly before making their way east to the North Wall Quay where they were...

/ 23/10/2020

LetIrelandLive: Antifa’s Last Throw of the Dice in Dublin

Yesterday’s papers carried news of clashes Saturday afternoon at the anti-lockdown ‘Let Ireland Live’ demonstration. Unusually, the media also largely admitted to have been instigated by Left street activists through an informal alliance of football ultras and Left Republicans. Billed...

/ 12/10/2020

Saturday Protest Report: Bob Marley & Bad Ideas

It seems that the mainstream wanted to catch up with the protesting season by having two of its puppet organisations stage protests — “Anti-fascist Ireland” held one at the GPO to ostensibly “reclaim” it from the “far-right.” Yellowvest Ireland, whose...

/ 06/10/2020