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Sinn Féin and Distributism — Aodh de Blácam 1921

One of the more forgotten names of the revolutionary period, Aodh de Blácam played a role in both the Gaelic Revival and War of Independence before proceeding to be heavily involved in early Fianna Fáil and Clann na Poblachta respectively....

/ 11/12/2020

The Limitations of Moral Force Politics : Terence MacSwiney

This Sunday marks the 100th anniversary of the death of Terence MacSwiney, nationalist playwright and Cork mayor who died following 74 days of hunger strike at Brixton in 1920. The below extracts are taken from his posthumously published ‘Principles of...

/ 19/10/2020

An Appeal to Traditional Republicans

There is, I think, among Ireland’s newer nationalists a certain sentimentality surrounding Sinn Féin and the Provisional IRA. The backlight of history has cast larger-than-life silhouettes of them as rebels with a cause. We are enamoured with their unbroken traditions...

/ 08/10/2020