Tag: Identity Politics

Ireland’s Existential Crisis: Culture and Identity in an age of Globalism

On a mild September morning, a demolition crew sets to work on their new project, a dilapidated suburban house in South Dublin. Before long, the structure is a heap of rubble, which will soon be cleared to make way for...

/ 17/10/2020

JK Rowling, and Why Fiction is Dying

‘You reap what you sow’. After spending years feeding the progressive beast, JK Rowling has finally learned the meaning of this proverb.  How? Just like with any social media mob, it started when Rowling was caught espousing views that are...

/ 22/12/2019

The Overton Hourglass

June, 2003: shortly after take-off, an ultralight aircraft crashes near Caro, Michigan. The pilot is a newlywed man in his early forties. He dies in the wreckage.  His name was Joseph Overton. In the world of politics, however, Joseph Overton...

/ 22/10/2019

Why I Left the Left

Even as I start to write this article, I feel that the title of it is slightly misleading. To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, who when asked why he left the Democratic Party to become a Republican, replied “I didn’t leave the...

/ 15/02/2019

The Classical Liberalism Debate and a Conversation with Sargon

Listening to the conversation between author Angela Nagle and online commentator Carl Benjamin last Wednesday, one couldn’t help but be struck by just how depressing the tone of it was. The two often disagreed passionately during the event, hosted by...

/ 08/10/2018
Paddy Manning, Douglas Murray, Milo Yiannopoulos, Peter Thiel.

Conservatism and the LGBT Movement

Paddy Manning, Douglas Murray, Milo Yiannopoulos and Peter Thiel. I wish everyone knew by now that being LGBT and Conservative, like the writer of this article, is possible. Must I name icons such as Douglas Murray, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Blaire...

/ 30/10/2017