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Treading Water: The EU Threat to the Irish Fishing Industry

We have the most fertile fishing waters in Europe with huge potential for creating vast wealth and jobs for the communities which inhabit our beautiful coastal towns. Yet as it stands, a maximum of 18,000 people in Ireland are employed...

/ 24/06/2021

How Ireland Will Lose Out From EU Recovery Fund

The Republic of Ireland has a national public debt of €242 billion, a debt of almost €50,000 on the head of each man, woman and child. This is thanks to the Government’s prodigious spending, and bumped along by the €64...

/ 13/05/2021

Ireland: The EU’s New Debt Colony

"Try again. Fail again. Fail better" writes Samuel Beckett in his 1983 story "Worstward Ho." Micheál Martin obviously took this quip to heart when he went to Brussels and opened the veins of the Irish taxpayer so he could get...

/ 25/07/2020